March 19th Roundup of Wedding News from Ireland

A Roundup of Wedding News from Ireland and Elsewhere (updated March 19th)

Wedding News from Ireland

Irish couple on landing their dream home in 2020 while also saving for a wedding – and their golden tip

How do we disinvite my future husband’s family from our wedding? I can’t have them at our wedding, but the ramifications will be permanent

RTE viewers praise new documentary My Little Big Day as ‘ray of sunshine’: Each couple had a wedding that was vastly different to what they had originally planned

Wedding News from Elsewhere

The Rayy’s Revolutionary “Light-Shaping” Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery

From I don’t to I do: Those in the wedding industry cautiously optimistic for better 2021 season.

New NY wedding guidelines in effect: New York State’s loosened restrictions on weddings and other catered events took effect Monday, allowing room for more guests, while still keeping restrictions in place.

We’ve seen a rise in women choosing alternative and non-traditional wedding outfits; so from Etsy to H&M, here’s 27 Alternative Wedding Outfits for the Low-Key Bride.

For couples eager to set a date, 2021 has some unique ones: On the heels of an understandably subpar year for the weddings industry, the Clark County Marriage License Bureau anticipates a busy 2021.

Meaningful 3-Year Leather Anniversary Gifts That Are Actually Unexpected

24 photos that show the beauty and struggles of pandemic weddings: Fearless Photographers recently rounded up wedding photos that were taken during the pandemic.

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