Meet Our New Tech Whizzkid - Maria Wilson

Maria Wilson is the latest addition to the WeddingDates team but has made a huge impact already. Her hilariously quirky turn of phrase has us all in stitches and she definitely provides the light relief for us all in the office. She works with the technical side of the website and has ‘mad skills’ even by her own volition.  If something isn’t working she’s your man!!

Maria Wilson WeddingDates

How long have you been working with Wedding Dates?

About a month now.

Do you live, eat and breathe weddings?

Not yet but I was a bridesmaid once and my cousin who has never been a bridesmaid gets annoyed everytime I mention my ‘big day’. I never miss an opportunity to slip it in to the conversation with her to be honest.  I’m a little bit evil that way.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I love it when someone calls with a problem that I can fix in a minute flat and they think I am a complete technical whizzkid!

Fine Art

What is your least favourite part of the job?

Running the last 100 metres to catch the bus every morning!

What are your guilty pleasures?

I love shows like First Dates.  I’m addicted to car crash TV and love the cringe factor.  I also love Mob Wives and am devastated since it finished. I’m also a big fan of True Movies and love those Disease of the week ones! 🙂

What is your favourite music genre or band?

I listen to a lot of different stuff but I think there are a lot of great Irish groups and artists out there at the moment. I especially love Bell X1, Jape and Lisa Hannigan.

Fine Art

If there was a movie being made of your life who would play you?

I personally think that if they made a movie of my life it would have to be a slapstick cartoon. I would be willing to do the voiceover work myself #justsayin #opentooffers

Have you ever been anywhere exciting?

I worked as a teacher in Korea for around 18 months and loved it.  I made some great Korean friends and met people from all over the world who were also teaching there. When the kids were being rowdy I had the habit of shouting “Oi” to get their attention and only found out later that Oi is the Korean for cucumber which explained the confused faces!!

On Her Travels

Have you any special talents or gifts?

I am the world’s worst Irish dancer.  After 6 years of classes in Primary School I only have a single medal and that was a Bronze for best improved in sixth class!

What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon?
Drinking coffee, eating cake and sketching.  I have a degree in Fine Art and love to draw everything and anything.

If you were stranded on a desert island what would be the one item you would have to have with you?

Realistically, it would have to be sunscreen as I seem to be half snowman.

Traditional Korean Drum

Are there any great passions in your life whether they be people, hobbies, animals or objects?

I love reading.  If the house was on fire I wouldn’t be going anywhere until I finished my chapter.
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