Meet the Parents, Part 1: Mother of the Bride at the heart of your wedding

Welcome to our first edition of Meet the Parents blog series. In this series, we will explore the duties and responsibilities that each of our parents play during a wedding.

If you are lucky enough that you have a good relationship with your mother, father, step-parent or other parental figure, these posts will give you some ideas, both traditional and modern, on how best to include them in your big day. 

As you dive headfirst into the whirlwind of wedding planning, there is one special person that plays a vital role in the wedding – the Mother of the Bride. In this edition, we will shed light on that special person and will explore the indispensable role she plays in making your big day as magical as can be.

The Emotional Anchor:

Planning your wedding day can be an emotional rollercoaster, and having your mother by your side can be like having an anchor. From the early stages to the moment you say “I do”, she will more often than not, want to be there to provide you with emotional support and to help you keep your feet on the ground.

Chief Advisor and Creative Collaborator:

These days, it is no longer expected that the bride’s parents pay for the entire wedding.  More and more often, couples are paying the majority of the costs themselves and therefore planning everything by themselves. It is however, wonderful, to have someone who knows you so well by your side, to guide you. You may well clash over styles of dresses and other decor pieces, but she won’t be afraid to question you, and gently suggest or guide you on things you may have not considered. Her experience and wisdom will help you along the way.

The Glue that Binds:

Weddings are all about two people coming together, but they are also about the union of two families. Mums play a pivotal role in welcoming your fiance’s family, as well as smoothing out any disputes that may arise within your own family. She will often be the peacemaker or the diplomat, ensuring that everyone feels heard and where possible, included and that you feel valued. She’s likely used to wearing different hats at different times and in fact, in the traditional sense, she will dictate whether hats or head dresses will be worn at the wedding. 

Mother of the Bride

Logistics Maven:

Mothers can also tackle the tough tasks. You can bet she will think of all the details needed for guests, in particular for anyone with special requirements like an elderly relative. We bet she will be a whizz at coordinating seating plans and ensuring family harmony. She might even be the very person to gently persuade an invited guest to respect your decisions around your own day – things like adults only, or no plus ones. Her meticulous planning and input will relieve you of some stress allow you to enjoy planning without getting bogged down by the nitty-gritty.

Dress Shopping Extraordinaire:

Searching for your perfect wedding dress could be a momentous task but Mum’s can be a surprisingly supportive (and a brutally honest!) person to have by your side. It’s worth considering that she will probably steer you away from anything too on trend, as she knows from experience that trends can date quickly. She will help you choose something timeless that you will look back on for years to come, and know you have chosen well. 

She will also be very conscious that she will be in the spotlight on the day as hostess. She will want to look her best, and she may be nervous or unsure about what to wear. You can have just as much fun helping her choose her own Mother of the Bride outfit, which will go some way to dictating the style for the Mother of the Groom and other family guests.


Keeping Traditions Alive:

The Mother of the Bride is the keeper of family traditions, ensuring that your wedding reflects the values and customs that have been passed down through generations. Whether it’s a sentimental family heirloom, a cherished recipe or a traditional family dance she will help you to weave these elements into the fabric of your special day should you so wish. She can help source nice photos of loved ones who have passed, or help you with Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue, if that is a tradition you are following.

Rehearsal Dinner

Your Mum and Dad will host the rehearsal dinner if that is something that you wish to do.  Usually held at a restaurant or at your home in the days leading up to the celebration, your parents will host your fiance’s family and your bridal party for a meal. It’s something you won’t have to worry about, she will have it all in hand.

Mother of the Bride


As the confetti settles and the honeymoon phase begins, we hope your mom will continue to play a vital role offering you both a listening ear and a comforting presence as you navigate the early days of married life. As you build your own happily ever after, she will still be there in the wings to love and support you both. She is the one who you’ve known the longest and knows you best and we hope will always be there for you. 


Here’s to all the mothers who help to make dreams come true – Remember,  you will always be her little girl. If you are in the planning stage of your dream wedding and looking for, venues check them out!

Medhavi Upadhyaya
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