Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses - My Love of The Week!

I remember the first time I saw mismatched bridesmaid dresses, it was in the Sex and the City movie. I instantly fell in love! Although I loved the rich electric blue colour of Miranda’s dress, I think my favourite had to be Charlotte’s fishtail black gown (whether she could walk in it or not is besides the point…).

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses have become increasingly popular in the last 2 years or so. The way to success when choosing mismatched bridesmaid dress is to make sure they each tie in together some way. A great and easy way to do this is to choose a colour (perhaps one of your wedding colours) and have each of your bridesmaids choose a different shade dress. This way each of your lovely ladies can wear a style dress that suits their particular personality and shape.

If you decide that you would still like to choose your bridesmaid dresses, why not choose the style and then allow each of them to pick a different colour for the dress. This pop of colour will you great in your wedding photographs! Want something a little unusual? How about floral dresses in different colours, this would look amazing at a spring wedding!

Another way of adding the mismatched touch to your bridesmaids look is to have them wear different coloured shoes, bouquets, jewellery or boleros! I personally love the look of bright mismatched bridesmaid shoes peeking out below tea length dresses! This will add a little bit of variation to the bridesmaids attire while still going with one overall look.

 Whether you are a bridezsilla or one of the most relaxed brides to ever grace the earth, if I could give you one piece of advice when it comes to your bridesmaids it would be.. Don’t make them wear a dress they aren’t comfortable. We know it is your special day, but if you bridesmaid does not feel gorgeous in her dress this will show throughout the wedding photographs and on the day. I’m sure you can all come to an agreement which you are happy with. After all, they are your best friends for life!

{Image of mismatched dresses by AtelierSignature and image of vintage inspired floral dresses by PennyPardy, both on Etsy}

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