Mistakes To Avoid When Dress Shopping

The hunt for the perfect dress is on!

Dress shopping may be one of the most exciting and stressful parts of wedding planning. Your dress has the power to set the tone and overall style of your wedding day and there are a lot of factors to consider before you choose ‘the one’. The style, fabric, and design can all be carried over to the look and ambience you envision for your ceremony and reception. But, don’t feel too overwhelmed dress shopping should be an enjoyable activity to take in with a few special people by your side.

So, before you head out to your favourite bridal boutique take a quick look at these mistakes to avoid when dress shopping…

Stick To Your Budget

Don’t do it!!! Don’t try on that dress that is wayyyy over your budget. Chances are you will fall in love and be incredibly disheartened when you realize its never going to happen. Then, of course, no other dress with measure up to that one that got away.


Start Planning Early

Plan your dress shopping early enough so that you can actually enjoy the process. The last thing you want it to choose a dress in a rush and realize that it just wasn’t the one once it’s too late. Or you’ll find the perfect dress but end up paying more than you wanted for a rush delivery and quick turn around for your alterations. It’s a good idea to start shopping 9-12 months before your date and then order 6-8 months before.


Gather Some Inspo

This probably goes without saying, but it’s always helpful to provide your bridal consultant with a vision or a least a direction to start with. Each bride has their own style, so you don’t want to get stuck trying on dresses that are so not you and have it ruin your overall experience.


Be Open

Although it is handy to have a vision going in, be open to trying new things. Have a little faith in your bridal consultant and try on some new silhouettes that might flatter your shape or open your eyes to new style possibilities.


Choose Your Group Wisely

Bigger isn’t always better. Too many opinions can easily cloud your head and lead you down the path to indecision. Two or three trusted friends or family members will make for a much more pleasant crowd….and less stress for you.


Don’t Get Discouraged

The first dress you try on may not be the one, the tenth might not be either. That’s more than okay! Don’t be upset. Each bride is different and eventually, you WILL find your dream dress.


Get Comfortable

You don’t want to get stuck in a dress you can’t even sit down or move around in! Make sure you are going to be comfortable in that dress  All. Day. Long.


Know Your Dress

During your fittings be sure to have a designated bridesmaid on hand that will be helping you into your gown on the big day. Know how to zip, button, tie and bustle before you’re running late for the ceremony.




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