Paper Dolls for Grown-Up Brides

When I was a little girl, I used to draw wedding dresses for my imaginary princess self, fully expecting that I would one day be able to wear a similar dress when floating down the aisle.  Without exception, these dresses were massive, physics-defying frilly creations, roughly the size of a small planet. Or of this dress:

Liana’s Paper Dolls is a website that lets you indulge your inner five year old (no matter how frilly or humongous) and dress her up in every kind of costume imaginable, including all kinds of bridal creations – from the historic to the fantastic:

You start with a basic paper doll, and simply print and cut out Liana’s charming, beautiful hand-drawn dresses. There’s even a set from Titanic, that previously blogged wedding theme of doom, for complimentary bridesmaids dresses.

Should you become bored with bridal attire, there’s zillions of other fabulous costume creations, from go-go outfits to gypsy dresses, cocktail attire to ballgowns. After all, you have to wear something after the wedding.

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