Perfect Skin for the Perfect Day

Perfect Skin for the Perfect Day

Everybody wants to look beautiful walking down the aisle, and one of the things most celebrated about brides is the way their skin glows. The photos taken on your wedding day are treasures you’ll want to enjoy for the rest of your life, and there’s no doubt you’ll be smiling, but how can you ensure your skin is at its best? The trick is to start early.

Goodness from the inside out

Why are we so attracted to supple-looking skin? It’s because it tells us the person is healthy. With this in mind, you won’t be surprised to hear that the best thing you can do for your skin is to look after your health in general. An exercise programme centred on fitness is important – try activities such as running, swimming or cycling. Diet also matters, especially making sure you get plenty of fluids and reduce your sugar intake. Many people choose to combine this with a weight loss programme so that they can look great in their bridal gown. If you want to do this the natural way, you can use herbs for weight loss – look out for products containing amalaki, which can also help by reducing inflammation in your skin.

Tackle lingering skin problems

With the right diet and exercise, you should see the quality of your skin improve significantly. If you have lasting problems, however, you may need to seek specific solutions as follows:

  • A lingering rash or roughness that doesn’t go away with moisturiser – this could be a sign of infection, so talk to your GP.
  • Dark patches under the eyes – try eating more foods rich in potassium, or apply a potassium-rich serum to this part of your face. A natural way to do it is to use mashed up banana, which can also work wonders for your hair.
  • Bruised-looking eyes – the old stories about cucumber are actually true. A single slice placed over each closed eye helps to deliver key nutrients directly to the skin. Try to use it daily, even after you see improvement.
  • Discoloured patches – if you enjoy a drink, cutting down may help to reduce these, and you can also use ointments designed to even out your skin tone.
  • Bruises – if you’re unlucky enough to acquire a bruise at the last minute (for instance, on an action-based hen weekend), try a warm compress with lemon juice to draw out excess fluid and tone down the bruise.

On the Big Day

Finally, on the day itself, use a little olive oil on your cheeks to bring out their natural glow. If there are marks on your skin that you can’t effectively conceal, focus on a distraction – which part of your face people focus on will depend on your eye makeup, your lipstick, your earrings and how you do your hair. Energise yourself with fruit juice first thing and that energy will shine through you all day, helping you to look amazing and ensuring that you end up with pictures you’ll treasure.

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