Planning a Flawless Outdoor Wedding

With the latest government regulations, just coming into effect,  this could be the perfect opportunity to move your wedding outside. 

From adding more guests to alternative photo opportunities, a world of new possibilities opens up for you when it comes to planning a flawless outdoor wedding.

First things first. Your wedding is a special day for both you and your partner, so get together to  consider your options and make decisions as a team.

Ask yourselves, is an outdoor wedding practical for both you, your families and your guests? Consider the following – is the location easy to get to? Are there guests attending that have accessibility requirements? Does moving outdoors work within your budget – have you considered additional costs that may arise? 

If you are both in agreement, and are fully committed to an outdoor wedding, here’s our thoughts on how to approach it.

The Location

Location may present the first challenge for you, especially if you have to change your venue from your original plan. Thankfully there are lots of possibilities in Ireland. While many existing venues may be able to accommodate outdoor weddings, you will need to apply for a licence if you intend to get married on their grounds or at another location. 

The setting is an important factor, however you must consider the practicality and accessibility of the location for your guests, especially if some are less able bodied than others. Here are 6 noteworthy venues that currently provide the option for an outdoor wedding in Ireland, to whet your appetite.


Unless you are using an purpose-built existing outdoor venue, you may run into additional costs as you will likely be hiring suppliers you wouldn’t have otherwise engaged. For example, marquee hire, additional electricity, catering etc. Do your research and keep a list of costs.


Irish weather means that some form of cover is vital, even during the summer. And, if you are lucky enough to get a sunny day, shelter will also protect your guests from the sun. If your numbers are small think of other options such as an awning or teepee (tipi).

Think about the temperature. Do you need to heat the pavilion? Or even if you don’t, will it be cooler in the evening? Having a basket of blankets for your guests would be a nice touch (within regulations of course).  Likewise, if it’s a really hot day, will you have fans (electric and handheld) so your guests can cool down? Don’t forget sunscreen and umbrellas…

Utilities & facilities

You are also going to have to hire a generator to provide electricity and toilets. Your suppliers will require power for their equipment. This should be discussed with your suppliers.

Great lighting can make or break your wedding atmosphere. It will help to set the mood from day time through the evening and into the night. Think beyond just lighting the marquee itself to enhancing the surrounding area and entrance to your site.  Lights don’t just look beautiful, they help keep everyone safe.


You may have more options to put together a non-traditional menu. Silver oak pizza, Pig on a spit, or a barbeque? If executed well, food can really make your day a special wedding to remember.

Special catering staff on-site will help with compliance for government regulations.  (See here for more government regulations regarding weddings during COVID-19). Speak to your venue or caterer about your options

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