Planning A Magical Microwedding

Given the latest government guidelines, couples have had to reschedule their celebrations and reduce guest numbers and plan for smaller, more intimate weddings.

Couples have been left wondering when they will get to celebrate the most important event of their lives together.

And, although the wedding reception is the part we mostly look forward to, at the end of the day, a wedding is all about showcasing your love for another and saying “I do”.

The team at WeddingDates suggests couples could marry now and celebrate later at a sequel wedding, possibly when celebrating your one-year anniversary.

The Venue

In some circumstances, depending on your venue hosts, a microwedding may not be viable, so you may need to consider an alternative venue. Consider that other venues may be better able to cater for smaller parties and therefore be open to a reduced guestlist. However, you will need to discuss this with your original venue and may depend on deposits and refunds.

The (Reduced) Guestlist

A microwedding is generally less than 50 people. Reducing your original guestlist of over a hundred people can be tricky. This challenge should be undertaken by both you and your partner. 

If you’re worried about upsetting people, don’t be. We are living in unprecedented times and people are more than aware of this. Those who fail to make the cut will understand and there will another chance to celebrate with a larger group in the future.

Celebrating your special day with a small group of people will make your wedding day much more intimate and memorable. 

The Menu

Given your reduced guestlist, this is the perfect time to treat your guests to a spectacular meal. Having a more intimate wedding allows for couples to add special touches to their day, perhaps the reduced numbers will allow for increased budget for a bespoke meal. Discuss this with your venue and see what options are available.

The Budget

The average cost of a wedding is €29,624 in Ireland and £20,731 in the UK. For couples on a tight budget, a microwedding is a suitable choice, offering the full wedding experience on a smaller scale.

With mass gathering events such as weddings on hold for the foreseeable future, the popularity of microweddings is bound to grow, as more couples celebrate on a smaller scale. 

Marry Now, Celebrate Later

In the era of COVID-19, microweddings aren’t just a choice anymore. They are, in some, cases, becoming a necessity. Ask your hosts if you can book the venue again for a date 12 months after your wedding day (say your one-year anniversary) for a larger, more inclusive celebration.

To find out how other couples are adapting to the pandemic, download our FREE COVID-19 Special Report.

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