8 Proposal Tips Your Girl Wants You To Consider

So, you’re going to pop the question?! How exciting!

As a woman that’s fantasised about this big moment plenty of times, I can tell you that there might be a few things your special lady wants you to think about before you get down on one knee. Now these tips might not apply to everyone, and maybe you’ve already discussed some, but if you haven’t then maybe these proposal tips can get you in the right direction for the big ‘yes’ you’re hoping for.

Research the perfect ring…

There’s a good possibility she already knows what she wants, or at least has a specific style in mind. Chances are she’s even created a not so secret Pinterest board overflowing with inspiration. Keep in mind what kind of jewellery she wears on a daily basis. This is a good indication of her style and ring size.

Still not so sure? If you’re feeling brave, take her for an impromptu try on… just for fun (wink wink) or get her pals to do it for you! They can report back with helpful feedback afterwards.

Don’t forget to purchase ring insurance! This will be helpful especially if the ring needs to be resized.

Make it personal…

Get creative! No one knows your partner like you do. Incorporate their personality, favourite things or activities, include family or recreate a first or most memorable date. She’ll love the thought and care you put into making it a special day or moment for the two of you.

Choose your location…

The possibilities are endless! Maybe you’ll whisk her away on a vacation she’s always dreamed of, or you’ll take her to the place you first met. Either way, take the time to plan out your proposal location and make sure it has some meaning, whether it brings back special memories or creates a new one, don’t let this detail slip your mind.

Capture the moment…

Capturing the moment you get down on one knee has become an overwhelmingly popular trend over the past few years. Many professional photographers have experience with these special photo missions and pull off snapping some memorable shots in a very discrete way. Since you’ll both be so caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, these snaps will be a nice way to relive the moment for years to come.

Speaking of photos…

Keep in mind how she’ll want to look and feel on during that very special moment, especially if you plan on documenting every second! Tell her to get dressed up, put on her favourite outfit, or treat her to a manicure for those post-proposal ring pics!

Asking for permission…

Now, this may be a little old-fashioned for some modern love birds, but depending on how close she is with her family, she and her parents might like the idea of you asking for their permission (or at least giving them a little heads up). Again, this might not apply to every couple, so you probably already have a good idea of whether or not you need to have a chat with Mum and Dad.

Planning the details…

The best way to impress your partner is showing that you’ve really scrutinized the details of this big moment. Consider their personality. If they’re more reserved, a more intimate proposal might do; if they don’t mind being the centre of attention, a show-stopping grand gesture might impress.

Speak from the heart…

Out of all the other tips on this list, this may be the most important. You want to spend the rest of your life with this person, so speak from the heart. its okay to let your manly emotional guard down for this one. Let them know why they’re so special and the only one in this life for you. If there’s one thing they’ll remember, it’s the genuine love that has brought you to this moment and how much you mean to each other. So, why not take this opportunity to let those feelings flow!



Photo by Shelby Deeter on Unsplash

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