Quirky Wedding Theme- Art Deco

Art Deco

Sick of seeing the same wedding bands, sit-down meals and pre-drinks reception areas? Sometimes, as fun as they are, weddings can get very predictable. Quirky wedding themes can always be a way to bring a little fun into your wedding. This is perfect if you want people to be talking about your fabulous day from years to come or even if you want to bring more of your personality into your wedding day.

Art Deco

This week we’re looking Art Deco inspired weddings. Fresh off the back of The Great Gatsby (which is finally due out next week- yes!!), 1920’s inspired weddings are going to be everywhere! Expect to get flyers passed out to you on the street inviting you to fun roaring 20’s parties (this has already happened to us!).

There’s something fun about the 1920’s as inspiration for weddings. The luxury and decadence of sparkling parties seems to to suit weddings perfectly. White and gold colour schemes are the perfect starting point.

Art Deco Wedding

Getting this look is extremely easy! Feathered headpieces, long beads, spectator shoes and cloche hats not to mention the straight line chemise and low waisted dresses are the way to set this fun and quirky tone.

Art Deco

Set the atmosphere of a ‘Roaring 20’s’ ‘speak-easy’ party with some fun jazz. If you want to make it more contemporary for your guests, why not mix it up with some modern day inspired tracks?

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