A Destination Wedding: Rachel + Nathan's Romantic Irish Wedding Day

They planned a destination wedding to Ireland!

This cute pair from the States planned a destination wedding in Ireland to celebrate their big day, and it was nothing short of dreamy (just wait ’til you see some of these photos!). Even though their entire wedding was planned from miles away, over the phone and by email, Rachel and Nathan were able to enjoy a day that was truly their own from start to finish. From a beautiful ceremony at The Cliff Townhouse in Dublin, to escaping with their wedding photographer to Howth, and then hitting the local pubs to celebrate for the night with loved ones, these two had a day they’ll remember forever.

I know I probably shouldn’t pick favourites, but this wedding has to be towards the top of my list. Beyond the amazing photos, and they are amazzzing, you can really get a sense of the pure joy and excitement that must have filled this special day.

The Beginning

“We were both living in Fort Worth, Texas at the time.  Nate was working long hours in the middle of his busy career, and I was a Registered Nurse going to graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner.  I was also in the process of getting my nursing license in the UK and preparing to travel and work abroad for a year.  A mutual friend introduced us as an “April fool’s joke” via text message and facetime, and we met in person a few days later (quite awkwardly).  However, when we went on our first date-walking several miles along the river to dinner and then back-it was anything but awkward.  It was refreshing to be so comfortable, to have conversation flow so easily, and neither of us had laughed so hard in a long time.  We knew they had to see one another again soon, and this was likely not going to be the Summer fling we had envisioned!”

The Proposal

“The proposal was perfect for us!

It was a very busy day where we had listed my house for sale the day before, I had to finish an assignment and take an exam for my master’s program, and get the home ready for an open house before leaving town very early the next morning. Very sweetly in the middle of my living room, Nate gave me a big hug and reminded me that no matter how crazy life gets, he will be there for me.  I remember remarking how hard his heart was beating as I could feel it when he hugged me (but I was still clueless to what was happening)!  It wasn’t until he dropped to his knee and pulled out a ring that I realized he was proposing.

Nate understood that I have never loved being the centre of attention and I would be so uncomfortable with a public proposal.  We had also talked previously that I didn’t want the proposal to happen on vacation because there would be anticipation/disappointment every time we took a trip together and nothing happened! So he proposed the night before a trip, and we got to enjoy an engagement-moon!”

Wedding Attire

“Nate looked very handsome in a custom navy blue suit with a burgundy accented tie and socks.  I wore an ivory trumpet wedding gown with beaded lace.  It had a low backline, illusion cap sleeves, and chapel train which bustled easily for a night that ended in the pubs with our friends! The week prior to our wedding we travelled all over Ireland, and we found a pair of cufflinks and a simple pearl necklace that both have the trinity knot for Nate and me to wear on our wedding day.  A tiny detail that means a lot now when we wear our special “wedding jewellery.”’

The Wedding Venue

“First, we decided on a destination wedding to Ireland!

When we started talking about getting married (before we were ever engaged), we had very different ideas.  Nate has always been the life of the party with a ton of friends and wanted a huge party.  Me? Not so much. I had been to so many weddings where it is a blur for the bride and groom.  There are months of planning, and thousands of dollars spent, for a few hours that are so busy that the couple has a difficult time enjoying themselves.  I didn’t want that at all.  We wanted to spend quality time with our guests and be able to remember the time.  Naturally, a destination wedding where we could spend a week with our loved ones was the perfect compromise!  I had been to Ireland several years before and travelled most of the trip alone. I remembered how welcoming everyone was, how happy I was, and how beautiful the country was (even in Winter!!). We learned that when we told people we were planning on getting married in Dublin, our friends and family were thrilled and jumped at the opportunity to come with us!

Because all of our guests were travelling internationally, we looked for venues that were easily accessible by cab or foot and could accommodate the ceremony and dinner to follow.  Kayleigh at The Cliff Townhouse made the entire process so simple.  We planned everything from that States via phone and email, and were completely relaxed about choosing a venue unseen. She shared beautiful pictures, Skyped several times, and called whenever we had questions.   When we arrived in Dublin, she scheduled a wine tasting and walkthrough to make sure we were completely satisfied with everything.  And of course, it was perfection!”

Venue Wow Factors

“The upstairs room is gorgeous!  The chandelier is a beautiful statement piece, and the large windows overlook St. Stephen’s Green. I know all of our guests were impressed upon entering the space, and it only got better.  The staff were all so welcoming and friendly.  They made sure I always had a glass in my hand and a smile on my face!”

The Photographer

“We hit the jackpot with Pedro.  I mean- have you seen these pictures?!? They are incredible!  His style is beautiful simplicity that allows our story to be told without being overshadowed by staged photographs.  He urged us to relax, laugh, and settle into the love that we have for one another.  And he was up for an adventure!  When I told him we wanted to run away after the ceremony to spend some time without our guests and capture beautiful photos, he delivered!!  He hired a car to take us to Howth for a couple of hours–the view was magnificent and the pictures he captured are breathtaking.”

Unique Features

“Our ceremony was written specifically for the two of us by our celebrant, and was incredibly meaningful! We didn’t stick to a single trend or theme, and the entire wedding day was uniquely “us”! One of our favourite elements was the ring warming ceremony where our wedding bands were passed to each guest.  They were invited to hold and offer prayers and blessings over the rings before being returned to the front prior to Nate and I exchanging.  It is so special to know that our family and loved ones touched the rings before we wore them for the first time as husband and wife, and we carry the blessings with us daily.  During the ceremony, we also participated in a handfasting ceremony with a Celtic Crios made from a weaver from the Aran Islands.  We loved including a bit of Celtic tradition, and our knot remains tied in our home in Texas.”

Special Thoughts

“I think the part that caused the most apprehension about planning a wedding completely from the States, was not meeting the celebrant until a few days prior to the ceremony.  However, the moment we met Gabrielle, Nate and I both instantly relaxed. She greeted us with hugs and tea at Bewley’s, and we felt as if we had known her our entire lives.  She and Romy did an unbelievable job with the entire ceremony, and we feel so fortunate to have them in our wedding story.

Because I wanted to bring my wedding bouquet back home to the States, my flowers couldn’t be live…or customs would be enjoying them forever instead of me! We went with sustainable wood flowers.  They look so real that our guests had to touch them to believe that they are wood, and they will look the same for years to come.”


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