Real Life Proposal Story: It's gonna be a Killer Wedding!

Couples Names: Marie & Greg
Proposal Date: November 2008

My story is a little embarrassing and will probably make me look completely stupid but here’s how my fiancée Greg proposed to me….
We were calling to my parents’ house for dinner one night in November, and it was a miserable night, wind blowing a gale and rain pouring from the heavens.  On the way down I was complaining about Greg’s driving, as per usual (I’m a terrible passenger, God love him), and whinging about being tired from work, hungry etc. and just generally being a bit of a pain.

Greg told me that he had heard on the radio that day that there were killer whales seen in Cobh and they were hanging about by a beach near my house (as they do!).  He said he wanted to stop to see if we could catch a glimpse of them.  Bear in mind it was pitch black, in the middle of winter, with torrential rain so you couldn’t even see two feet in front of you, but I am so stupid I actually believed it, and said “ Yeah sure, why not”.

When we arrived, we could hardly see the windscreen in the dark, let alone the killer whales halfway out to sea.  I was really in nagging mode then and was in mid moan, “It’s pitch black, how are we supposed to see them from here”, when he took out a ring box and asked me to marry him.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so embarrassed, I was so busy complaining the whole way down in the car that I hadn’t even realised what he had been planning.  I was delighted, couldn’t believe he had kept that from me for so long!  Brilliant surprise!

Ciara Crossan

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