Wild Beauty: Emily + Paddy's Celtic Wedding At Langtons

A medieval style bride with beautifully untamed curls and fresh lavender in her hair.

Emily and Paddy chose Ireland’s most unique wedding venue as the backdrop for their intimate and romantic Celtic ceremony. Exuding mystical folklore, the bride wore a handmade wedding dress crafted by an opera costume designer in England. Her cut-out shoulder detailing, flowing lace and velvet sleeves, and sapphire jewellery was the perfect complement for such a splendid occasion.

Adorned with bright sunflowers, smiling children, and lots of special family moments, happiness filled the air.

The Proposal

“Paddy and I were expecting our daughter, Gwendolyn, so I was on Maternity Leave from work. I got a phone call from my manager out of the blue asking me to come to the office as soon as I could because he needed to chat to me. I thought the worst of course, thinking I wouldn’t have a job to come back to after the baby came! So we hopped in the car and drove to Kilkenny. When I went into the office, my manager told me that a letter had come for me and it was in the box office downstairs. When I opened the letter, I saw a piece of paper with Paddy’s handwriting saying ‘Meet me where it all began’. I ran out to the front steps of work and there he was, down on one knee. My parents, my daughter and his parents were watching from the window of Cleere’s pub.”

The Venue

“The Murray family have always chosen Langtons as our venue for any given get together, be it weddings, funerals, christenings or birthdays – the works. The staff at Langtons are exceptional. The venue is beautiful, the personal touches are unlike any others and the food is always, ALWAYS amazing. I knew they would give us our dream wedding in a venue I felt knocked the socks off any other. The Set was ideal for our ceremony as both myself and Paddy love theatre, performance art and music.”

“Our wedding coordinator Sean Read was the WOW factor for me. He was so attentive, so cool and organised. Every time I got myself up in a heap, Sean managed to convince me that what I was feeling wasn’t nerves but EXCITEMENT! He had a great way of reassuring us. A true professional. Langtons just has.. something special. They provided such a homely, romantic, welcoming environment for our wedding. They made it all seem flawless and natural. But rest assured there was an entire staff working tirelessly and meticulously to make it seem so.”

The Photographer

“I fell in love with Bruno Guilherme’s photography style immediately. Both myself and Paddy dislike posing too much. We wanted natural, informal photographs with a bit of edge. Bruno was exactly what we were looking for. He was never obtrusive. He simply worked his magic from afar and the photos he took are absolutely amazing. We are thrilled. What a talent!”

Special Moments

“The most special moment (besides marrying the man of my dreams), was when Paddy called my daughter up after we had exchanged vows. He got down to her level, told her he would always love her and look after her and be the best step-father he could be. He then gave her a locket with photographs of him and me inside. It was very moving and it will be a memory Louisa will always have.”

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