Reducing Your Guestlist

It’s something we never thought we would have to do but given the latest government guidelines, traditional wedding sizes are no longer possible.

In Ireland, weddings of up to 50 people indoors (up to 100 from July 29) and 200 people outdoors (up to 500 from July 29) are allowed. While, in the UK, 6 people indoors and 30 people outdoors are allowed. (Number of attendees must include venue staff and any suppliers)

With such restricted regulations, couples who have decided to go ahead and get married have had to make major changes to their guestlist.

Here are some ideas on how you can successfully reduce your guestlist and still have the wedding you’ve always wanted.

Who to include

You will need to be ruthless. Top of the list will be immediate family and closest friends.

Write up a list of people who you couldn’t possibly imagine getting married without and who would add to the experience of your wedding day.

Once you have your long list, it’s time to cut it back. Take out spouses and partners that you’ve never met or that you never see. Omit those people who don’t make much effort to stay in contact, or that you only see once in a while.

Think of your own close friends and new friends you’ve gotten close with through each other.

Consider This

The idea of cutting your grandparents from your guestlist isn’t easy but you could be doing it for the right reasons. we still need to think about protecting elderly & vulnerable guests.

They may even be relieved that they are no longer expected to attend.

You could organize a live stream of your ceremony for them to view in the safety of their own home. You may be able to drop by to see them on the day after your ceremony as husband and wife or you could send them a small gift to let them know you and your partner are thinking about them during your special day. Have a chat with them to go through your plans, they are bound to understand.

Overseas Guests

As international travel begins to open up, inbound travellers expected to self-isolate for a period of 14-days. Expecting guests to quarantine for 2 weeks to attend your wedding is a big ask. By uninviting them, it may take pressure off of them and will help you to further reduce your guestlist.

Children Of Guests

While in normal times, this may have been a touchy subject – it only makes sense now. Social distancing will be highly monitored by venue personnel. Adding children into the mix will make this difficult. Besides, their parents deserve a night out.

Awkward Conversations

Uninviting people was never going to be an easy task, but if you are planning a later celebration, it will make it easier. For the most part, people will understand your predicament, as the whole world has been affected by this pandemic. The decent thing to do is have those awkward conversations in person if you can, or at the very least over the phone. Now is not the time for texting. Remember the saying those that matter to you won’t care, and those that care just don’t matter. This is your day, your affirmation of love, and your celebration. Why wait? Pick up that phone!

See here for more government regulations regarding weddings during COVID-19.

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