Remember The Groom: Get Him Involved in The Wedding Planning

Every girl dreams of her wedding day. Boys? Perhaps, not so much. Still, a wedding day marks the beginning of the sacred covenant of marriage and as such should celebrate both the bride and the groom. Plenty of brides approaching their big days get so obsessed with planning the perfect day that they forget what they are celebrating! Rather than letting the wedding details overwhelm you, grab your guy and get him involved to create a day you can both cherish.

Find Out What He’s Interested In

Don’t waste energy asking for his opinion on things he genuinely doesn’t care about. If you’re waffling between coral and carnation, that may not be a crisis to him. In which case, better to call your mum on that one. Perhaps he’d like a say in what he and his attendants will be wearing, the readings for the ceremony, music for the reception or the menu.

Don’t Micromanage

If you’ve never experienced a micromanaging boss, count yourself lucky. If you have, you know how frustrating it is to work for someone who second guesses everything you do, mandates your methodology for doing it and then just does it over themselves. Don’t do this to your groom, as it is a surefire recipe for disaster. Give him some ownership of the tasks he’s taken on. Accept his decisions, and let go the need to control. Have regular check-ins with him and let him know what you’ve done in preparation for the wedding. This is a good foundation to set as you build a life together.

Have a Diversion Ready

There will be times he’ll have to sit through meetings he has very little interest in though you’ll need his opinion every now and again. For times like this, it’s best to just have some kind of diversion ready. This way when you need his opinion you can focus his energies on the task at hand and let him relax through the rest. Bring along a tablet computer or smartphone and download games, books, sports magazines or anything else that’ll entertain him while you shop, plan and choose.

Remember to Say ‘Thank You’

You’re the captain of the wedding ship and we know you have a lot on your mind and a huge to-do list. Once you hand off those responsibilities to your man, remember to express gratitude for his help (delight him with creative ways to say thank you). He’s more likely to do a great job if he has an incentive. Just a genuine “thank you” and appreciation for his contribution goes a long way. Promise of a boys’ night out or a pint of his favourite lager might not hurt either!

Keep it All in Perspective

In the end, it’s just one day. Sure, it’s an important day but it’s really about your marriage and partnership together which will last decades. So, do more than have a fantastic ceremony and a great party to start off your life together—start with great teamwork.

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