Surprise your Groom on the Big Day

Surprise your Groom on the Big Day

If your groom has surprised you with a fair share of romantic gestures throughout the years (for example, the proposal!), it’s your turn to return the favour! Surprise your husband to be with these romantic ideas for your groom on your wedding day.

Plan A Moment In The Day For Just The Two Of You

Maybe it’s just after the ceremony, on your way to the reception or after your meal but a moment where it’s just the two of you is a lovely romantic idea. Scout out some pretty spots for you to relax at your reception and take it all in for a few minutes.

The Morning Of

It’s the morning of your wedding and your guy is probably getting ready with his best buds. If you’re getting ready in your reception area with all the gals, why not surprise him by ordering some breakfast to him? Or you could go Romeo and Juliet style and have one of his best men deliver a love note to him.

Have His Wedding Band Engraved

A little extra touch to surprise him with. It can be a nickname you have for each other, when you first met, your wedding dates or an inside joke to make him laugh.

Send Him A Message

One of our favourite photos to see is a message for the bride on her shoe, well who says you can’t do the same. Socks or undies with sew messages could be a funny way to let your man know you’re thinking of him. Get creative with your sewing kit and ideas, he’ll love the surprise!

Did you surprise your partner with anything on the big day?

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