The Royal Wedding: What Cake Will Be Taking Centre Stage At Meghan & Harry's Wedding?

The countdown is REALLY on!! We are just six days away from Meghan and Harry’s wedding day!

We know you’ve all be wondering about…the cake! I can’t be the only one excited to see whatever glamourous, delicious delight being created for the world’s biggest wedding event this year.

Meghan and Harry have awarded this very special job to cake designer, Claire Ptak. But, just who is Claire Ptak and how did she land this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Creating another tie to the States for this royal wedding, Ptak is originally from California and is now the cake designer at Violet bakery in East London. It’s said that Meghan and Ptak first met when Meghan interviewed the baker for her lifestyle blog, the Tig. So it’s been assumed that hiring the baker was the Bride’s decision, which is sweet being that in the day full of traditions this one factor may offer her a reminder of home.

According to tradition, the royal wedding cake is a tall fruitcake adorned with lavish floral arrangements. William and Kate’s was a grand eight layers decorated with 900 sugar-paste flowers. But, leave it to Meghan and harry to break with tradition again. For their wedding cake, Ptak will be making a lemon elderflower cake reminiscent of the flavours of spring. Apparently, the frosting has really has the London cake community in a tizzy. The pair is opting for buttercream frosting as the outer layer, not fondant, that will be decorated with fresh flowers. We just can’t wait to see the gorgeous creation on the day!


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