The Royal Wedding: Will Meghan & Harry Stick To Tradition?

Its customary for wedding couples to stick to a few longstanding traditions while planning the events of their big day, but you haven’t seen anything comparable to all of the strict wedding protocol that the royal family follows. Could you handle these rules?


  •  Royals can only marry with permission from the Queen according to the Royal Marriages Act of 1772.
  • There must be an engagement announcement followed by a sit-down interview.
  • The Queen then sends out the invitations for the big day.
  • Royal brides must wear white, lace dresses and a tiara.
  • For the last 173 years, the bride’s bouquet always includes a sprig of myrtle as its known to be the herb of love. Wedding flowers are typically all white.
  • The bride places her bouquet at the grave of the Unknown Warrior, where an unidentified British soldier killed in World War I rests.
  • As a nod to the tradition of males serving in the military, Royal grooms wear their military regatta on the day.
  • Royal Wedding bands always contain Welsh gold.
  • Female wedding guests are required to wear hats.
  • There are typically two wedding receptions.
  • One of the wedding cakes must be a fruitcake.
  • An official wedding portrait must be taken.


If you’ve been following along with our #RoyalWeddingDates series, then you already know Meghan and Harry have put their own spin on a few of these traditions. It’s also said that Meghan will be incorporating some American wedding traditions on the wedding day such as a larger bouquet, more American flavours on the menu, and we already know their wedding cake may stray from the traditional Royal flavours. I’m sure we’ll be in for a few surprises too! We can’t wait to see how the day unfolds!

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