Everything Happens for a Reason: Sinead + Stephen at The Heritage

An unplanned night out led to true love!

It all began for Sinead and Stephen when Sinead’s best friend (and maid of honour) convinced her to head out on a Sunday night to see one of their favourite bands. In a packed pub, Sinead caught sight of the handsome Stephen and before they knew it they were deep in conversation. One thing led to another and Stephen later asked Sinead to be his wife in a romantic proposal at her favourite place, the cliffs of Howth.

Don’t miss this gorgeous couple’s happy celebrations at The Heritage Hotel and Spa, which played a special part in their love story, and each heartwarming moment captured by Emma Russell

The Beginning

“So, myself and Stephen first met in Gibney’s Malahide, I was planning to stay in this Sunday and my best friend Kelly (Maid of Honour at our wedding) made me get ready and come out to see the band “loose change” one of our favs. Lucky, she did as this is how it all began.

Gibney’s was packed therefore we stayed standing at the bar and every so often I seen this handsome fella walk by and thought he has really caught my eye but actually thought he looked a bit “stuck up” ha-ha. Well my judgement was the total opposite, as the evening went on Stephen and his mates (Dave, Stephens best man included) let myself and Kelly have a seat beside them and I got chatting to Stephen. From this very first conversation I just felt like I knew Stephen years, we were chatting like old friends about everything, it scared the life out of me as I had never felt like this before and later in our relationship Stephen said the exact same thing.

Before we knew it myself and Kelly were due to leave and go to another bar (which was organised beforehand) and we invited Stephen and his mates. Stephens mates declined our offer but Stephen said he would come on his own so off he came with us, (eager beaver) ha-ha.

Myself and Stephen still chat about this to this day because if he hadn’t of came with us, we may have never seen each other again as we had not exchanged numbers or anything until later on that night. We danced the night away that first night and honestly, we both have not stopped dancing and smiling since.  My famous words in life, everything happens for a reason and I was meant to go out that day. Thanks Kelly ha-ha”

The Proposal

“Sinead’s Favourite place in the whole world which she informs everyone every so often ha-ha is the cliffs of Howth where Sinead goes walking most mornings. I had planned to propose on a bench which we had walked by on the cliffs many times together, but when we got there, there was couple sitting on the bench so I started panicking lol, we walked further down the cliff and I prayed there was another bench which luckily there was, so we sat down and we were chatting, lots of tourists were walking by and I just began to tell Sinead how much she meant to me and took the ring out and got on one knee and popped the question and she said yes. We popped a bottle of prosecco on the cliffs to celebrate and the celebrations went from there.”

The Dress

“So, I chose my dress from The Bridal Boutique in Fairview. Tina and her team were amazing throughout. I tried on many dresses with a totally different idea than what I went for and it was actually Tina who asked me to try this particular dress on.  I just fell in love; I felt like a princess and loved every detail especially the back. My dress was very simple but elegant. High neck with diamantes on the shoulders and the back was cut out with diamantes around it and a trail to finish it off.”

Planning the Day

“We had help from our parents, Yvonne, Bernard, Mano and Mary. Our bridal party, Maid of honour Kelly, Bridesmaid Gillian, Best man Dave, Groomsman Cian and our little kiddies Dylan and Ria.

A special mention to Rachel, Daves partner and Dan Gillians, Husband who did so much for us also to make our day so special.

Helen, Cinta, Trisha and Zara for decorating the church for us, (it was amazing) and a special thank you to Helen for all our flower arrangement’s including our bouquets, they couldn’t have been any more perfect.

All staff at The Heritage Hotel, especially Trisha for being by our side from start to finish to make our day so perfect.”

The Venue

“For our 1st year anniversary together myself and Stephen got a good deal for The Heritage hotel and went for a night. To say we fell in love with the hotel is what actually happened. The hotel became a home form home. We loved every bit of the hotel from the staff, to the food, to the spa and the band in the evenings. We had some drinks that the first time staying and said if we ever got engaged, we would love to get married here and nowhere else would compare to it.

So, when we got engaged, we looked at so many places just to be sure and not one stood out and felt like home like the Heritage did. So, we booked the Heritage and it honestly lived up to all our expectations and so much more.”


The Special Day

“Our wedding day, well where do we begin, just amazing from start to finish. Both of us were not nervous at all for the whole time coming up to the wedding, we were really relaxed. I remember a friend saying the two of you are the most relaxed couple I’ve ever seen and Stephen saying when you know it’s right why be nervous.

On the morning nerves kicked in a little for Stephen but only around his speech and getting it right. We enjoyed every moment of getting ready, Sinead had hired a beautiful house overlooking the cliffs of Howth with her bridal party and her parents, she had hired Ashley o Rourke for makeup whom Sinead went to school with all her life so this was very special as well as Ashley being in Sinead’s opinion “the best in the business” and hairdressers Andrea and Aishling were hired for hair.

Stephen stayed in his parents the night before with groomsman (son) Cian, Best and Dave and Stephens brother and sister in law Ger and Laura.

We would both agree the morning was very relaxed, full of excitement and happiness getting ready for the church.

Stephen arrived at the church after being called out of the local pub the top house for sneaky stiff one with everyone ha-ha. Sinead arrived only 5 minutes late and her dad walked her up the aisle to hand her over to Stephen. The church was a beautiful ceremony, Therese, Sinead’s childhood friend was the singer which made it extra special and Fr Gerry who married Sinead and Stephen presented the ceremony perfectly.

Then on to the cliffs of Howth for professional photos and on to The Heritage Hotel for the reception. From, the reception champagne, to the canapes, to the speeches (which were so heartfelt and perfect) and the main meal, to the Irish dancers and Stephen and Dave having an Irish dancing dance-off lol, to the surprise showing of the Liverpool game and finally dancing the night away with DJ Phil Cawley the day was just unforgettable and we would not change anything about it.”

Memorable Moments

“The funniest highlight was Stephen showing his huge competitive side when he had to compete against Dave in Irish dancing ha-ha but our overall highlight was marrying my best friend.”

Any Changes?

“Honestly, there is nothing unless you could make the day longer. It was just perfect.”

Bridal Advice

“To enjoy every minute organising your special day and try not to get stressed even when things don’t go according to plan. On the day, be relaxed and take everything in and if anything goes wrong ignore it and enjoy everything else as there is nothing you can do about it apart from stress.

Also make a little time for yourself and your new husband somewhere throughout the day even 20 minutes as the day just goes by and remember you’s are the most important people that day. Myself and Stephen got to spend quality time in the car on the way down and it really was just lovely and allowed us to process what had just happened and relax before the madness.”





Photobooth/ Candylady Lisa, Wow weddings,

Red Carpet/ Margeret,

Alterations/ Nip and Tuck Edenmore,

Irish Dancers/ Phelan school of Irish dancing.





Supplier Information

  • Venue:

    The Heritage Hotel
  • Photographer:

    Emma Russell
  • Bridal Shop/Designer:

    The Bridal Boutique Fairview
  • Florist:

    Helen Caffrey
  • Hair Stylist:

    The Salon Howth
  • Makeup Artist:

    Ashley O Rourke
  • Videographer:

    Ronan Quinn
  • DJ:

    Phil Cawley
  • Singer:

    Therese Dunne
  • Cake:

    The cake Couple
  • Cars:

    Absolute Limos
  • Irish Dancers:

    Phelan school of Irish dancing
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