Expert Skincare Advice For Redhead Brides

The pale and sensitive skin that often accompanies redhead brides requires specific care.  We spoke with Skincare Specialist Jeanne Brophy who gave her tops tips on how to keep your porcelain skin bright and youthful for your wedding day.

Skincare Advice For Redhead Brides

Protect From The Sun

You already know that your skin is not able to manage excess sun exposure, but we forget that even on a cloudy grey day that we are still exposed to UV rays.  Pale skin tones have very poor capacity to protect against these, so it is vital to add protection.  On top of the ageing effects of UV damage, skin cancer rates are higher in pale skins.  Choose a broad spectrum sun screen and apply it every morning to avoid getting burnt before your special day.

Choose A Good Cleanser

The one item that can play havoc with sensitive skins is the wrong cleanser.  If you suffer from sensitive or easily reactive skin, steer clear of cleansing wipes or any cleanser with a high foaming action.  These can create issues with the delicate moisture and protective barrier of your skin leading to dehydration and irritation.  Seek advice and invest in a cleanser designed specifically for your skin type.

Fuel your skin

Like everything else in our body, our skin looks and works at its best on an optimum diet – starting with what we eat. Avoid overly processed foods, drink plenty of water and increase your vegetable intake in the run-up to your wedding.  Avocados, walnuts, salmon and flax seeds are great boosters of your skins hydration levels so aim to add omega rich foods into your daily diet. Your skincare regime should also be about fuelling your skin with vital nutrients.  Choose anti-oxidant rich skincare to protect and give your skin its optimum anti-age effect.

Exfoliate with care

Whilst most skins require exfoliation (particularly as we get older), sensitive skins need to do this with care.  Choose enzyme or mask exfoliants and use once weekly during your pre-wedding beauty regime.

Personalised Programme

Whilst general skincare advice is something we can all gain results from, you cannot beat a tailored homecare routine.  Have a skin consultation and get on the best product and treatment plan for you. For more information visit

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