Six Lockdown ways to fill your St. Valentine's Day with Love

This year, we won’t be heading “out out” for St. Valentine’s. There’ll be no dressing up, no favourite restaurant, no people watching. And, let’s face it, many of us have never spent as much time together because of lockdown. However, with a little bit of planning, we can still make a Valentine’s day full of love and memories. This year, it falls on a Sunday, so hopefully you’ll find the time to have some fun and romance together. Here’s six ideas for a special lockdown Valentine’s Day.

Cards & Love Letters

This year is a great opportunity to up your card game. Make a card yourself, or write a love letter.   A practice as old as time, a heartfelt letter is a chance to tell your partner (and remind yourself) of all the great things that you love about them.  And, who doesn’t need to hear that during a pandemic? You don’t need to be a great writer, just speak from the heart. You’ll be creating a lovely moment and a permanent keepsake. 

Get organised in advance and tell your partner that you’d like to exchange letters at the start of the day or at dinner. If you need help to get started here’s some inspiration.

Spa Days are not just for Girls

There’s lots of ways to pamper yourselves at home – face masks, manicures, pedicures, massages (often a real novelty for the boys) or simply have a bath with luxurious bath bombs, candles and champagne. You can’t beat fluffy socks and cosy dressing gowns for a snuggle on the couch. Spend the day giving each other some tlc and spend the night refreshed and comfortable. If you can, go for the trifecta of comfort – clean you, clean pjs and clean bedsheets. 

To really upgrade each other’s spa treatment, make a personalised spa kit/hamper for your partner.  Here’s a great guide on what to include in the perfect basket.

Movie Night

It could be Breakfast at Tiffany’s or perhaps Titanic is your ultimate couples’ flick, either way, a romantic movie is a great way to finish up the day with a feel good factor. Keep the lights low, grab some blankets (or stay in your robe after your spa day!), and relax. Popcorn is mandatory.

If you’re torn on which movie to watch, write down some of the 40 most romantic Valentine’s Day movies, and pick one out of a hat. Don’t forget to include a couple of sci-fi options to keep everyone entertained.

A Night at the Museum

We might think of museums as a strictly in-person experience, but it’s possible to capture the grandeur (and romance) of a night at the museum through an online event. Stroll through the halls with a guided livestream or use VR to freely explore exhibits from all around the world. Check out some of the best virtual tours here.

Top tip: If museums are not your thing – maybe your favourite bands are doing some live streaming, like this charity concert in aid of breast cancer research

Meals in a million

You have three opportunities throughout the day to have some lovely food, and some time together. There’s nothing nicer than a leisurely home-cooked breakfast, delicious coffee and the Sunday papers. 

Lunch could be a picnic on the patio (weather permitting) or get out for a walk and bring a flask and some goodies to enjoy in the car.  

If you decide on a special dinner, be sure to dress up and set the scene with the best cutlery, glasses, candles, and some soft jazz in the background. Don’t cook something you’ve never tried before, stay relaxed with recipes you know and love, or order in, and save yourself the trouble.  Your favourite restaurant is likely to be doing a takeaway special. 

Cocktail night

Create a mock drinks menu for the night.  Take turns to “order” (make)  for each other and try new things. Many cocktails are easy to make, with readily-available ingredients, and there are lots of resources available online.  At the very least make sure you have your favourite drinks to hand.

No “Couples Time” To Yourselves?

If lockdown has you locked down with other people, getting some cosy romance going is not going to be easy, or fair, on your housemates.  If you’re at home with small children, get them involved too – they’ll love the spa day, picnic, museum and movies and they will love to hear those words of love from their parents’ love letters. 

Older kids and adults might be less comfortable with public displays of affection but do include them in whatever you decide to do. After all, it is all about LOVE, and we all need an extra bit of that at the moment. Fill your St Valentine’s Day with love.

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