Stag Parties: Our Top 10 Activities

I have decided to dedicate this week’s Top 10 to all our Grooms to be! (Or perhaps even our brides who are lucky enough to be planning their groom’s low-key stag party. Yeah right…). Stag parties are known for the loud and boisterous behaviour of the ‘gentlemen’ in attendance.

Perhaps it is best you spare your bride of the finer details after, she doesn’t need to know who ended up half naked at the end of the night… If you are looking for an action packed activity to enjoy on your stag party we can help. Here are our Top 10 picks!

10. Go Karting

Grab your helmet and race your mates around the track! With go karting tracks located throughout the country this is an easy choice.

9. Surfing

If you like to surf take to the shores on a fine day, just don’t forget a wet suit! Check out Lahinch in Co.Clare which is known for its great waves.

8. Casino Trip

This one speaks for itself. (Just a tip for all of our brides, make sure he is not on a plane to Vegas…with the credit card!)

7. Hovercrafting 

Try something different, this motorised cushioned vehicle can travel over both land and water. It’s likely that many of your guests will never have tried it before!

6. Golfing Weekend

Take off for an entire weekend of Golfing in the countryside. You are in no shortage of fabulous golf resorts to choose from here in Ireland.

5. Quad Biking 

This one is a definite choice if you want to get you and your guests adrenaline racing! Get your helmets on and get going!

4. Clay Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is always a good choice. Anyone can do it with a little help and practice. Even more there are some beautiful locations to choose from!

3. Fishing

Grab your fishing rods and take to the sea. This will make for a lovely day out and you could even serve up the catch for supper in the evening!

2. Paintballing

A fail safe choice. Who doesn’t love paintballing?! Just be prepared to arrive home with a number of bruises…

1. Mystery Tour

Love this idea! Allocate the task of planning the mystery tour to your Best Man therefore you and the rest of your guests will be kept in the dark! How exciting!

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