A Star Studded Soiree in Sneem

We were shaking with excitement when we heard that Ant & Dec and an array of other celebrities were going to be attending a wedding in Kerry; the elegant Sneem Hotel on the breath taking Ring of Kerry turned out to be the venue of choice!

The wedding was of the ex-Eastenders heartthrob Sean Maguire and his beautiful bride, Tanya Flynn. But hold on a minute, those two got married two years ago! Yes, but they love each other so darn much they decided to celebrate and do it all over again!

The couple were wed in a Catholic ceremony at St Michael’s Church in Sneem, Co. Kerry before moving on to the stunning Sneem Hotel for their reception on December 30th. The ‘Once Upon A Time’ star and his (not so) new wife, looked so joyous on the occasion!

Congratulations poured in from friends and fans alike!

Awwww! It looks like the perfect fairy tale wedding!

Well done everyone in the Sneem Hotel! Credit where credit it due.

As a proud Kerry woman, I second this.

Wow, how exciting. If you want your own fairy tale big day like these celebrities, check out the Sneem Hotel, Co. Kerry wedding venue.

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