Four Reasons a Star Wars Wedding Has Never Been More Appropriate

May the 4th is internationally celebrated as Star Wars Day, to the delight of Star Wars fans and punsters alike: the famous Star Wards catchphrase May the force be with you becomes May the fourth be with you. So if trying to plan a wedding when the planet is reeling from Covid-19 has you wishing you could get hitched in a galaxy far, far away, today is your day! Here are our top 4 reasons to have a Star Wars themed wedding:

1/ Stormtroopers wear the ultimate PPE

Photo: Cristiano Ostinelli Photography 

Face mask: check. Full body coverage: check. Easy to disinfect and re-use: check.  Although you will have to make an exception to the rule that only the bride should wear white, it’s otherwise the perfect theme for pandemic chic.

2/ Light sabers are the fiercest social distancing accessory

Photo: Orange Blossom Brides

A lightsaber measures up at about 1.5m when the plasma blade is extended from the hilt, and will make a convenient fwoom warning noise when guests get too close to one another. As a bonus, light saber colors can be on point with your wedding theme, since the crystals that give lightsabers their distinctive neon hues can be combined to create nearly any colour in the rainbow.

3. It’s an adorable way to celebrate the fact you’re no longer flying “Solo”

Photo: Paul Duane Photography
Like all of Star Wars, Han and Leia’s relationship is passionate, combative, and complex, but it’s also one of the most iconic love stories in cinema history. If the two of you are opposites who against all odds can get through anything together, than Han and Leia are your perfect wedding inspiration.

4. That hair though…

Photos: Bridal Musings | PlayBuzz | Bridal Musings
Whether you draw inspiration from Padme, Rey or Leia, the entire Star Wars cinematic franchise is filled with magical, romantic, and frankly just badass hair styles. Nominated several times for the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling through the films four decade history, the Star Wars coiffures are iconic and unforgettable, on the big screen or at the end of an aisle.

However you build your wedding memories, may the force be with you!

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