Top 10 Wackiest Wedding Themes

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Some of you couples may choose a specific wedding theme to tie into your wedding. It might be a vintage theme, black tie or a beach wedding (unlikely here in Ireland I know!) Your location, wedding colour scheme and attire can be used to create a certain wedding theme! Choosing a theme for your wedding ensures that everything blends: from the wedding cake to the name place cards to the favours. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that a wedding theme means adding extra expense to your wedding budget: it could actually be the one thing that saves you money because it focuses you during the planning process.

Some bride and grooms go that step further in choosing an unusual and exciting theme. Below is our list of Top 10 Wackiest Wedding Themes:

1. Nude Wedding

This Australian couple decided to bare all in front of their nearest and dearest! The bride had her ‘wedding dress’ painted on her body, while the groom held a strategically placed top hat in order to hide his personal area. They shared their wedding ceremony in the nude like this in front of  their 250 guests!

2. Role Reversal Wedding

Yes believe it or not this has become a certain trend with some couples. The bride and groom swap roles for one day only. Meaning the bride wears the pants and cravat. while her groom gets dolled up in a beautiful gown. I for one know there will be no one else wearing a wedding dress on my wedding day, except me!

3. Shark Tank Wedding

A couple in New York hopped into a 120,000 gallon shark tank while an officiant proceeded with the vows over a radio transmitter. I’d rather play it safe and make sure I make it to my wedding reception!

4. Vampire Wedding

And so the twilight phenomenon lives on. Brides are ditching the fake tan for white as a ghost skin and fake fangs rather than sparkly whites. Guests at these vampire weddings are also asked to dress the part. I think I would take a rain check…

5. Supermarket Wedding

A couple in York in England took to their local Asda store to say their wedding vows as this was where they had met. Romantic in one sense, but really.. Where did they have the reception? In the frozen food aisle?!

6. Skydiving

Some couples are taking it to extreme heights when it comes to their wedding. They say their vows thousands of feet above the ground before jumping out the door of the aircraft! There they enjoy a passionate kiss with their other half, more like scream for dear life I think!

7. Hot Air Balloon

High above the sky really is becoming a popular place for bride and grooms to be! Those who aren’t afraid of flights are becoming husband and wife in hot air balloons leaving their guests below on the ground. There is a time and place for everything, could they not at least wait until after the wedding reception?

8. Superheroes

Although I do see myself as a bit of a wonder woman, this is just a step too far. Dressing up as your favourite superhero to walk down the aisle… All guests are asked to dress up and play their part. I think this one should be left to the Halloween parties.

9. Shrek

A welsh couple decided to go as far as changing their skin colour by dressing up as 2 green beasts for their wedding day! When the couple’s friends shared their thoughts on the resemblance the pair had with the two animated ogres they decided to join in on the laughs. The couple had seen the hit movie on their first date.

10. Hello Kitty

The lady who runs the Hello Kitty museum in Germany had her wedding at the Hello Kitty Puroland in Tokyo!  Dressed in a wedding dress covered in the animated cats logo, her groom must have even been ok with the idea as he dressed in a baby blue and white ruffled tux. The pair even had two Hello Kitty giant characters by their side at the ceremony. Am I the only one that thinks this is plain weird? Was she even old enough to get married is what I’m wondering…

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