Our Top 20 Wedding Trends for 2020

It’s hard to deny Instagram and Pinterest’s influence on today’s wedding wishlists. To scroll through your feed on any given day is to be absolutely bombarded with the most current fashion choices and aesthetically pleasing venues as couples are becoming more creative and personalised with their requests. WeddingDates has been helping couples plan their dream weddings for almost twelve years now and from naked cakes to flower crowns, we’ve literally seen it all. That being said, with each new year brings excitement as new wedding trends begin to emerge.

Read on as we break down our top 20 wedding trends for 2020 to consider when planning your big day.

1. Sustainability

Taking care of the environment shouldn’t really be seen as a “trend” but at least people are beginning to take notice and do their part. From flowers to food, couples are finding out ways they can reduce their environmental impact before and during their special day. Weddings can take months to organize and a large carbon footprint is bound to be left behind while organizing an event of such scope. From scrapped dress material to menu sampling, it isn’t long before we end up leaving mass volumes of waste behind us.

That being said, couples are beginning to be more careful. Brides are opting to wear preloved dresses, venues are sourcing local produce and charity donations are becoming popular wedding favours. How are you going to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding? For some more inspiration, check out our recent blog on How To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable.

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2. Outdoor Ceremonies 

It’s 2020, couples are becoming less inclined to flock to the chapel but choosing their very own adventure-like venues. Why should anyone have to follow a set plan when celebrating their own personal love story? This is becoming increasingly popular as couples choose where they want to be wed. Many of them are selecting beautiful venues with picturesque backdrops to hold both their ceremony and reception.

Image Via Peggy Edwards on Pinterest

3. Micro Weddings

Micro weddings allow for a greater sense of intimacy and are much more sustainable. The cost per person works out at being a lot more but means your guests are treated to bespoke touches and elaborate meals. This is perfect for couples wishing to have a more intimate day with loved ones.

Image Via Oh Best Day Ever on PInterest

4. Flowers With More Colour Than Ever

Basic colour palettes are out and extravagant pops of colour are in! Expect 2020 to bring together loud clashes of colour, print mixing and statement hues that we’ve never seen before. Flowers may be one of the most important decisions when it comes to wedding decor. Couples are starting to get more in touch with their personal styles, setting table and floral designs whichever way they want.

Image Via Nouba on Pinterest

5. Statement Veils

Hailey Bieber’s “Till Death Do Us Part” veil is no doubt going to be highly influential in 2020 although weaving personal elements into wedding day proceedings is nothing new. Something old new borrowed blue has been a staple tradition for many brides over the years. Nonetheless, expect to see veils featuring meaningful quotes and lyrics throughout the year.

Image Via Hailey Bieber on Instagram

6. Beautiful Lighting 

A top trend in 2020 is mood lighting. Great lighting can make your wedding feel like a brand new experience for your guests. Whether the reception is indoor or outdoor, lights can drastically change the tone and mood for your evening.

Image Via Gabbinar Homestead on Pinterest

7. Storytelling

Expect to see a lot of personalisation and storytelling during weddings in 2020. Couples want to give their guests an experience during their weddings. They want to take them on an adventure and showcase to them their love for one another. Incorporating small details into their day like where the couple first met and where they’ve shared special moments together.

Image Via Jean Mazac on Pinterest

8. Vegan Canapes 

Whether your guests are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or simply picky, customizable menu’s allow couples to better plan for their guests’ dietary restrictions and add personal touches to the food they serve. Vegetarian and vegan options are becoming more popular for wellness and environmental reasons.

Image Via Eluxe Magazine

9. Victoriana Dresses

Ellie Goulding caught the attention of wedding lovers everywhere as she revitalised an old trend: the Victoriana Gown. A vintage-inspired, yet timeless look made for fashion-conscious brides who want something never seen before. These perfect-fit gowns are a dress to remember. With the lightest of fabrics used, there’s still life in the modern Victoriana trend.

Image Via Elllie Goulding On Instagram

10. Brides Giving Speeches

2020 is going to see a lot more brides giving speeches. It may have been a tradition at one point that only the groom and bride’s father would carry out, but today’s bride has just as much to say.

Image via The Clausen Gallery on Pinterest


11. Self-service Bars

The reception is no longer an after ceremony meal with family and friends. Couples want to bring their guests on an adventure. The self-service bar gives guests something to do, while at reception, helping the bride and groom give a more casual approach to their day. It might seem like an option for just those with cash, but you can build your very own DIY Self-Service Bar pretty easily. A local brewery could even supply you with some kegs for the big day.

Image Via Rebecca Dosser on Pinterest

12. Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are something we’re going to see a lot more of in 2020. We’ve gone from floral walls in 2019 to floral dresses in 2020 and we absolutely love it. This is another way for the bride to showcase her unique personality and style. With many brides going for a full floral design, some are opting to incorporate floral appliques and we think that’s just as beautiful.

Image Via Praise Weddings on Pinterest

13. Colourful Grooms 

Gone are the days when the groom had very little to do with wedding planning as nowadays, each step leads to a crucial decision being made between a couple. That being said, the groom has also started to become a lot more confident in their appearance, with many donning intriguing layers and designs, as well as some pattern/colour clash combos.

Image Via Martha Stewart Weddings

14. Grooms Going For The Slim Look

While every man likes to look good in their wedding suit, they also want to feel comfortable. Most wedding suits are just too boxy and it’s hard to feel your best when you don’t look the part! 2020 is going to see a lot of grooms avoiding the boxy look and going for the slim look instead. This suit uses less fabric, removing the excess bulk for a more flattering look.

Via Caroline Sada Photography on Hello May

15. Long Banquet Tables

Similar to the rustic trend and by means of sustainability, small round tables are getting replaced this year as long banquet tables are becoming a much more attractive seating design. This rural-like community-focused table allows for a greater mix of people to be put sitting together. While this looks beautiful at outdoor weddings (think fairy lights), it works just as well inside.

Image via Fab Mood on Pinterest

16. Video Is No Longer Optional

Thanks to our consumption of social media, video has become as important as photography for couples looking to document their wedding day in a more stylish way. The question is no longer whether or not to video the special day but rather, which skilled video team to collaborate with.

Check out Marzia and Felix’s wedding elegantly filmed by Handcraft Pictures.

17. 2-in-1 Dresses

Multiple wedding dresses became common in 2018 as we began to see brides swap into more comfortable dresses for their reception. Leaving this trend behind in 2019; 2-in-1 dresses are so much more superior. Showcase style and elegance at your ceremony, and then comfortably dance the night away at your reception.

Image via Olivia Bottega on Pinterest

18. Personalised Photobooth Backdrops

Photobooths are here to stay whether you love them or not. While the Wedding Photographer is capturing stunning photos of the bride and groom, the guests can create some memories of their own with the backdrop. In the age of Instagram where we are always taking fun photos of ourselves, a photo booth is an ideal way to keep guests entertained and satisfied while the photographer gets their work done. In 2020, a regular photo booth won’t do. You’ll need your own personalised backdrop. Whether you get one specifically created or it’s a DIY job, your guests are bound to love it.

Via Ella Winston on Pinterest

19. Grooms Flashing Some Ankle

Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying the sockless look is not going anywhere anytime soon. If you are planning on flashing some ankle in your suit, you’re going to need a great pair of shoes and some well-tailored, slim fit pants cropped just above the ankle.

Via Nina Claire Photography on Hello May

20. Digital Planning

It’s 2020, more and more couples are taking to their technological devices to help them plan their perfect day. From creating e-invites to using wedding hashtags, digital has allowed couples to better connect with family and friends during all stages of their wedding. Speaking of which, we at WeddingDates have our very own Planning Portal, why not give it a go?

Well, there you have it. Wedding Dates TOP 20 2020 Wedding Trends to keep in mind as you plan your wedding. Our advice? Tap only into the ideas that genuinely represent you and your partner, rather than embracing them because they’re simply trending. Just remember we at Wedding Dates will have your back each step of the way!

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