Top 5 Ambient Hotels in, err, Ireland

While I have a nearly unlimited number of pet peeves, chief among them is the inability of some of our overseas cousins to distinguish between the UK and Ireland.

It’s bad enough when this mistake is made by tourists standing in the middle of Dublin, but it’s far worse when you’re an online business that runs an entire survey and follow-up promotion to identify the Top 5 Ambient Hotels in the UK – and three of the winners are in Ireland.

The good news for brides is that Ashford Castle (Cong), the Hayfield Manor Hotel (Cork), and Dromoland Castle (Clare) are indeed deeply romantic hotels that make stunning wedding venues:

More bad news for Hotel Club, who ran the poll:

Ambiance: (n.) The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment.

Ambient: (adj.) Encompassing on all sides.

Some days, I really want to beat the internet with a bouquet made of concrete.

PS: Oh dear God: three of the Five Top Hotel Bars in the UK are also in Ireland. So are the Best Hotel Rooms and Hotels for Business Travelers. Please just kill me now…

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