Top Floral Trends For 2019 From The Floral Vine

Wedding flowers can play a key role in the overall atmosphere of your wedding day. This week we caught up with Sinead of The Floral Vine to see what this year’s floral trends have in store. See below what she had to say about 2019’s top floral designs, colours and how to spice up your big day with your floral decor!

2019 is all about bolder colours!

Think reds, oranges and large-headed flowers like, Dahlias or Protea. Adding texture with succulents, berries, seed heads and various foliage will also make an eye-catching impact.

Green is in!

Foliage only bouquets are also a big hit, made with just a mix of greenery. These bouquets are truly something special as they tend to be bigger, free form and a bit wilder than the average bridal bouquet.

Centrepieces are back in again!

2019 calls for the low style rather than the tall. Floral runners, urns, rows of flowers, gold vessels, and clear glass also make the perfect choice for floral reception décor for that extra something different and unique!

Get Creative! 

Depending on budget and couples’ creativity, hanging structures, arches and pillars, flower walls, tripods and floral photo booths can add that something extra or take the day to another level. Say goodbye to the traditional bridesmaid’s bouquets and have them float down the aisle with floral hoops instead.

More helpful tips:

How do you choose the right flowers?

Go seasonal and then choose flowers that you love. Choose flowers that have meaning or that transport you back to a happy childhood memory. If they are not in season, your florist will help and advise you to pick an alternative.

What to do with the flowers after the wedding?

Flowers used in the church are generally repositioned to the venue, possibly donating an arrangement or two to the church. Guest can be encouraged to take some flowers home the next day, or they could be donated to a local hospice or nursing home. The bride’s bouquet is often left at a loved one’s grave, but there is the alternative of getting the bouquet preserved and framed.


All images provided by Sinead at The Floral Vine 

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