Top Ten Duties for the Maid of Honour

As the Maid of Honour you have more duties then any of the other Bridesmaids, here are just a few:

1. Help with any Pre-wedding Tasks
Whether it be addressing the envelopes or choosing cake flavors!

2. Host or cohost the Bridal Shower
You may wish to take on some extra help for this task, it can be tough!

3. Lead the Troupe
You help the bride delegate tasks to the other bridesmaids, and if needs be, keep track of them!

4. Plan the Hen party
Plan, along with the other Bridesmaids, a fun and festive night out for all the girls!

5. At the ceremony, sign the marriage license
You, along with the best man are to do this, as the Witnesses

6. Hold the Grooms Ring during the ceremony
Need a safe place to keep it? On your Thumb

7. At the Reception, Dance with the best man
Only really necessary if there is a formal first dance sequence!

8. Arrange the bride’s train and veil before the ceremony begins and just after she arrives at the altar.
Really know your way around the dress, you’ll need to be able to hide the train away before the brides first dance!

9. In the lead up to the wedding, be ready for any and all emotional crises
Keep the tissues close to hand, and be ready with some solid advice!

10. Keep the Bride laughing
Most important thing you can do is keep the bride calm and cheerful in the stressful weeks leading up to the Big Day!

[Image sourced via D.Clow]


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