Top Ten Jobs for the Groom

Ten Jobs for Groom

As wedding planning can be such a stressful time for brides, here are some jobs you can pass off to your Husband to be!

1. Pick out your Groomsmen
First things first! Decide who you want up on the alter with you and let them know asap!

2. Pick out the tuxedos
Take your Groomsmen and start trying on the Penguin suits!

3. Help Choose the band and DJ
Spend some time auditioning bands, if you get the chance to see them perform locally, do!

4. Choose some of the Music for the DJ
Get your old CD’s and Mix tapes you may have made, give the DJ music you may have found special during your relationship.

5. Attend the Cake Tasting
Because everyone loves cake! And even better, Free Cake!!

6. Have input into the Menu
Have a look at the menu plans and have some input, you don’t want to be sitting there on your Wedding Day, asking for Steak when they offer you Salmon

7. Impress the in-laws
Sending the mothers roses on the wedding morning is a winning idea! And a round of golf with the Father?

8. Select Gifts
Show off your generous side, get some gifts for your Groomsmen and people who helped with the wedding, Parents etc.

9. Sort the Wedding Day Transportation
Keep in theme with the Wedding as a whole, don’t pick a stretch Hummer if the theme is very classical!

10.Show up and don’t forget the rings!
The most important of all!

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