Unscrupulous Suppliers

Every couples nightmare, paying a supplier for a service for the wedding, and then the supplier not showing up/delivering the goods…..such is what happened to friend of mine Peter Donegan and his wife who got married 3 years ago and have yet to receive their wedding photographs.

A shocking situation I’m sure you’d agree and one no one would wish on anyone getting married.

My advice for couples booking suppliers for their wedding:

  • Make sure the suppliers are registered at their trade.  Particularly if you are ponying up the money in advance.
  • Do your homework – research the suppliers in question and ask around.  Word of mouth is HUGE in weddings and if none of your own friends have recently gotten married the wedding forums are a great place to start.  Try boards.ie and weddingsonline as a starting point.
  • Keep receipts and get everything in writing. Then if the worst happens and you have to bring someone to the small claims court, you have evidence.
  • A mobile number is not enough.  Nor is an email address.  You need a registered business address, or failing that a personal address.  Of course with bands and some other suppliers this could be difficult.
  • Check out their previous work, and talk to other couples who have used the supplier. Don’t just take written testimonials as a given, ask can you talk to a few of their previous customers.

If the supplier is iffy about any of the above, you can smell a rat straight away and run for the hills.  Failing all that if things do go awry make sure you tell everyone you know your story.  Write on the forums to warn other couples or post a review on LouderVoice.  Make your voice heard!

Ciara Crossan

Ciara is the Founder and CEO of WeddingDates and has a particular love for quirky & unusual weddings! Considered a wedding venue expert, lucky for her she has visited hundreds of stunning wedding venues all over Ireland and the UK.

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