Wedding Caricatures from Caricatures Ireland

If you’re thinking that chocolate fountains are not quite different enough, Irish artist Allan Cavanagh may have what you’ve been looking for:

As an alternative to the traditional guest book, Allan puts his talents to work to create a caricature signing board of the bride and groom. Mount it on poster board or in a custom matting, put it in your reception foyer, and ask your guests to sign around it. (That’s got to beat a dusty old guest book you never, well, dust off…)

And for really personal favours or just some wedding fun, he’ll actually come to your wedding and draw caricatures of your guests at your reception! The caricatures have the bride and groom’s names and wedding date at the bottom to commemorate the occassion.

I’ve never been to a wedding where this was done, but I have been to one where a professional paper cutter cut out silhouettes of each guest – and it was really fun. Not only was mine quite flattering, I also matted and framed it and gave it to my mum for Christmas one year – so double score. (Come on, mums LOVE that sort of thing!)

You can plow though Allan’s wedding caricatures and signing boards on his website, the aptly named Caricatures Ireland. He also does parties and corporate events in case you want to save this idea for later.

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