Wedding Ceremony: Choosing a Church Wedding or a Civil Ceremony?

After becoming engaged and before going in the hunt for your perfect wedding venue, one of the first things you must do is organise your wedding ceremony. The first decision to make in this process is deciding whether you want to have a church wedding or a civil ceremony.

This is a decision that depends entirely on the couple. Brides and grooms to be who are religious will often decide to get married in a Catholic Church, perhaps in their own parish. While others prefer to tie the knot at a civil ceremony, either at a registry office or in a venue of their choice. You should think thoroughly about what you want your wedding ceremony to mean to you in order to determine which is the best choice for you and your groom.

If you choose to get married in the Catholic church you must give at least 3 months notice. You and your partner must fill out a Pre Nuptial Enquiry Form which is sent to the parish. You must also register your marriage with the General Register Office and complete a Marriage Registration Form at least 3 months prior to the wedding. Don’t forget to book your pre-marriage course, they tend to book up quite quickly!

In order to plan a civil ceremony for your wedding you should decide where you would like to get married and contact the registrar in your area as soon as possible. At least 3 months notice is needed. Venues for civil ceremonies must have a licence so make sure your chosen location has one before getting your hopes up. When you meet with the registrar you should bring your passports, birth certs, divorce papers from any previous marriages, PPS numbers and the fee of €150. They will then ask you to complete the Marriage Registration Form.

Whether you choose to marry in the Parish Church you made your confirmation in all those years ago or in the unique wedding venue where you are holding your wedding reception. Remember this is your wedding ceremony, where you and your partner officially become husband and wife. Wherever the setting may be, enjoy every moment of it…

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