Wedding Day Essentials for Your Bag

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This blog post is going to be short and sweet; it is just some tips for you lovely brides to be and wedding guests on what to bring in your bag for the big day! First let’s talk to the bride; all you need is your maid of honour to have these wedding day essentials to hand on your big day.

  • Deodorant – Nivea does cute mini bottles that won’t stain black or white, especially if you are doing a Roz and wearing a Tux yourself.
  • Lipstick – Uber important that you don’t forget this, ask your make- up artist to let you know the colour to buy.
  • A few hair pins – This will be your saving grace for the day in case a curl becomes undone or you decide you need your hair up for the dancing.
  • Blotting papers – These will control excess sebum without altering the colour of your foundation.
  • A translucent powder if your skin is very oily, this will ensure you stay dewy but not sweaty.
  • Your wedding fragrance – That really is the bare minimum, if you are lucky enough to have a maid of honour that will carry more…. Load her up!

For guests it is pretty similar, although I think a pair of fold up pumps are important too, I know a lot of brides are providing flip flops but I have a pair of sparkling shoes I always bring out, that is due to my awful looking ugly toes too!

My next blog will be on serums and I have a whole new batch to recommend this time! Good skin equals great photos!

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