Wedding dresses: Different Shapes for Different Bodies

Every woman’s body is different, and every body has particular styles and shapes that will flatter it. This is important to remember when choosing your wedding dress. Before you start trying wedding dresses on in various stores, research and decide what styles suit your body. You will not only save time, you will also feel more confident and beautiful knowing what looks best on you.

I remember a red Herve Ledger style dress my best friend bought: it was amazing on her. We are about the same size so ultimately I was looking forward to getting my hands on it for a wear! Little did I know I’d look like a younger version of Kat Slayter from Eastenders… (we all love Kat, but that’s not my ideal image for a Saturday night!). The problem was that I forgot the fact that this friend of mine is quite petite and I have a larger bust then her, therefore the same styles do not always suit us both. The same goes for all wedding dresses.

Here are some tips to finding what will suit your body shape:

Hourglass Figure

Your top and bottom halves are balanced  with a very defined waist. You have a good bust, a small waist and curvy hips. It is best to choose a dress that accentuates your waist: show off your best asset! Corset dresses or one with a sweetheart neckline will look fabulous. A more dramatic style would be a mermaid style dress. Go for it and show off those feminine curves!

 Pear Shaped Figure

This is the most common body shape. Small and slender on the upper half, with a shapely waist and fuller hips and thighs. An A-line skirt will de-emphasise your hips. Team this with a semi-fitted bodice that will show off your small upper half. A strapless ballgown, empire waist dress or tight bodice dress suit this body shape best.

Apple Shaped

Apple shapes are more voluptuous than most. One usually has a full bust, slight tummy with round hips and bum. Empire and A-line styles suit this shape best. Empire dresses will help lengthen your figure, and distract from your stomach. The a-line style with boning is always slimming. You may also choose to go with a ballgown as this will hide all the bits you may not feel confident about!

Ruler Shaped

You have a slender or athletic shape with minimal curves. You have no visible curves and an average sized bust. What wedding dress wouldn’t look good on you! To emphasize your subtle waist choose a figure hugging dress and perhaps add lace or a decorative waistline as this will add definition to your figure.

Large bust

You may be short or tall, with a C cup or larger bust. It is best to choose a dress with straps or a halter neck style gown as this will give you support. Be careful that you are not showing too much cleavage, you don’t want anything falling out as the wedding reception gets into full swing! A dress with beading or decoration towards the lower hem of the dress will distract away from the bust.

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