Wedding Make-up For Guests

With wedding make-up, it’s as important as the etiquette associated with clothes. Your look has to be very flawless but not over the top, here are a few guidelines for when you’re a guest at the next wedding you attend.

Everyone loves blemish free skin, so before an occasion it is worth your while to treat your skin to TLC and a good mask relevant to your skin type.

Wedding Make-up For Guests

Mature ladies:

50+ go for a cream finish radiant foundation that bounces light off your skin. Concentrate on using peaches and cream eye shadow, without shimmer or the dreaded glitter with a good strong lip. Make sure you are using lip liner as this will prevent the lipstick from bleeding. It’s equally important to use a lipstick with a semi matte finish. Too shiny will be ageing and too matte can make the lip appear shrivelled. Opt for brown mascara which is softer and if you are using eyeliner, again brown or charcoal works best. Black can be quite harsh and ageing and brighter colours like blues and greens are quite dated and all a bit Pat Butcher. Blush should be a cream one that will be very fresh and photograph well. Blondes should go with apricots and brunettes with pinks.

Younger Gals:

15-22 should be opting for a sheer cover foundation like MAC face and Body or Luminous Silk by Armani, a light slick of gloss and some neutrals on the eye. Two coats of mascara and some light bronzer along the parts where the sun would hit your face naturally. This young fresh look ensures your young skin shines through but also gives the grown up polish of sophistication.

Young Women:

And finally for the mid age range 25-45 a nice foundation like Dior Forever will look great and last the day. A sheer translucent powder works well with this. You can apply fake lashes but make sure they are not plastic looking or too big. Nobody wants to look like a club goer in the mid afternoon. On your eyes you can have subtle or dramatic but pair the lips accordingly. Don’t over dramatise your lips if your eyes are strong.

Some good general advice is to match your eyes to your outfit. So for example if your dress is pink use muted greys and charcoal for a Smokey eye. If you’re opting for a Green dress uses a brown and gold approach. Your lipstick should also match your eyes so bear this in mind. All of the department stores have a great selection of brands and consultants to advise you. I often do one to ones with ladies that are travelling abroad for weddings and need an overhaul on their make-up. I get them to bring in their make-up bag and go through comprehensively what they need and what they can throw out. You’d be surprised at how quickly make-up can date!

In an ideal world we would all just have a make-up artist on hand but sometimes compromise is good!

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