Wedding Mood Board: Bridesmaids Dresses

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress! Yipppee!

It looks and fits amazingly. You even managed to pick up your shoes all in the same day! While you may have had your fill of browsing throughout dress shops, it doesn’t end there. You mustn’t forget about your ever so important bridesmaids and your maid of honour. They are by your side in all things wedding related in the lead up to your big day, the least you can do is find them dresses that they will look beautiful in! Mismatched bridesmaids dresses have become a big trend recently. It may be the same style dress in different colours or the same colour dress in different styles. This allows each bridesmaids to wear a style or colour that suits them! Mismatched bridesmaids dresses also add a little quirky touch to the wedding. Whatever dresses you and your bridesmaids choose make sure they feel comfortable: they will have you and many more things to take care of on your wedding day. That is another thing off the list, next the bridesmaids gifts!

Where you can find the above bridesmaids dresses on Etsy (top left clockwise):

Pastel dresses: AtelierSignature

Pastel polka dot dresses: IngridAndEvan

Yellow mismatched dresses: AtelierSignature

Red dresses: AmoursansAnguish

Purple convertible dresses: thejerseymaid

Pink cupcake dresses: LilyWhitepad

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