wedding mood board: jars + brown

i am a little jar happy at present. well little would be an understatement in all honesty, but if i could jar my giddiness, i would do that too. i want to put everything i see into a jar, onto a display shelf, for all the world to see.

so i went on a mission to find me some jars and oh my goodness, did i find jars! lots and lots and lots of them i did find.

on this fine wednesday as i plan my re-wedding to calvin, i have created a mood board to share all the ideas floating around in my mind. dream a little with me:

  • hanging jars in branches with candles.
  • desserts served in jars with long silver handles.
  • salad starters served in jars with hot red cherry tomatoes.
  • jar shaped invites.
  • jar – like ceremony booklets.
  • blackboard jar lids as name placings.
  • thank you letters wrapped around jars with twine.


see, jars are just so eclectic and memorable. find a way to make them show pieces at your wedding!

as a whole this wedding mood board centres on earthy tones so in addition to the jars, i have also chosen a brown colour scheme. the bridemaid dress and the finishing touches of twine will all be different shades of brown.

 jars are just so eclectic and memorable!

wedding suppliers featured in the wedding mood board: 

wedding photography

cordial glasses

mason jar labels

custom jar invitations

bridesmaid dress in brown

french lace head band

salad jars

blackboard jars

light jars

book excerpt jars

wedding dress

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