Wedding Movie- Bridesmaids

Welcome to another pick of our favourite wedding themed movies to sit back and relax to. This week we’re re-watching one of the best movies about girlfriends, Bridesmaids. Even though this movie was only released 2 years ago, it’s very quickly become a classic in our books.  If you have seen it, you know exactly what we’re talking about, if you haven’t, find it and watch it now!

Most wedding movies, while touching and heartwarming, can be boring. Bridesmaids is a totally different kettle of fish. It’s a concoction of food poisoning, best friend love and bridezilla bridesmaids (and the cutest puppies we’ve ever seen!).

Hailed from SNL lineage, Kristen Wiig plays the hilarious trainwreck bridesmaid who’s trying to fight off being constantly one up-ed by the perfect Rose Byrne (we’d be well jel too- she really is perfect). As well as this Kristen’s character is also going through a rough patch in her life and needs the support of her increasingly busy best friend who has drifted from her somewhat since her engagement.

We love this movie not only because it’s hilarious to the point of litteral tears streaming down our faces while clutching our stomachs in agony but because it also touches on realistic emotions. Which to be fair is probably what makes it so funny and relatable.

Our favourite person without a doubt is Melissa McCarthy who plays the hilarious Megan, a person who once had a dolphin look into her ‘goddamn soul’. Who can forget Megan giving Annie (Wiig) life coaching: ‘I’m life, Annie, and I’m biting you in the ass!’ {bites Annie}.  We can’t imagine having a character like Megan as a a friend but we can imagine it might involve a lot of brilliant and crazy embarrassing situations!

This wedding movie no.1 in our book. It’s pretty much got everything!

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