Wedding Preparation: Pure Results Bootcamp with Kathryn Thomas

Ireland’s premiere bootcamp, “Pure Results”, a diet orientated, training programme will launch exclusively this April on West Cork’s tranquil Inish Beg Island. Sponsored by Ireland’s one-stop adventure shop Great Outdoors, the programme which runs for six weeks is the brainchild of well-known Irish television personality and health and fitness fanatic Kathryn Thomas. Designed to help you get fit, renew confidence and inspire long-term lifestyle changes, the concept is simple, but new to Irish Shores. Participants will spend seven days on the exclusive island, receive a realistic two week nutrition and training plan and begin their journey towards achieving a life changing goal.

Wedding Preparation: Pure Results Bootcamp with Kathryn Thomas

With access to leading health experts, from trainers, to nutritionists, the six night, seven day outdoor bootcamp, will see each individuals prepped and confident that they can transform their diet, fitness, and well-being keeping their aspirations in mind. Commenting on her new business, Kathryn said, “I wanted to combine my love of travel and the outdoors with my passion for fitness in this new venture. I want clients to escape to one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland and feel like they have had a holiday while also pushing them outside their comfort zones to reach their goals. There is something that happens to all of us when we break barriers and achieve things we never thought we were capable of. When it comes to fitness and weight-loss, a supportive environment is key, and as most people know, I am a big believer in having fun while you’re doing it as well!”

Wedding Preparation: Pure Results Bootcamp with Kathryn Thomas

Throughout the seven days, the varied fitness programme mixes high-intensity workouts with low impact classes that will burn calories without burnout. Promising to keep things fresh & motivating, participants will get the opportunity to dabble in everything from boxing to hill runs, as well as trying water based activities and relaxing yoga. With sustainable weight loss guaranteed, the Pure Results team of nutrition experts offers more than just a temporary fix. Taking a fresh approach to what guests eat, each tailored meal will be calorie light and deliciously satisfying so participants will see results and stay nourished.

Wedding Preparation: Pure Results Bootcamp with Kathryn Thomas

Prior to the commencement of the boot-camp, the three step transforming process will begin with a friendly consultation. Pure Results in-house nutritionist Jen O’Callaghan, will observe each participant and chat to them about their goals, concerns and medical history. Following the assessment and regardless whether one is fighting fit or falling behind, Pure Results welcomes all fitness levels to Inish Beg, ensuring each individual is catered for.

Following on from your 7 days at Pure Results, ALL participants are given a two week bespoke nutrition and exercise programme so they can continue to reach and stick to their lifestyle goals throughout their daily life, with a member of the Pure Results team checking on their progress, helping each person continue to reach, exceed and maintain their new lifestyle goals. Whether attendees are seeking to lose weight, transform their fitness or kick start new habits, the specialised team of experts behind Pure Results will act as partners to help individuals progress every step of the way from the start to the finish line.

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