Wedding Speech Tips: May The Best Man Win

If done well, the best man’s speech is always an exciting part of a wedding day. These five top tips will see any bloke right when it comes to doing a mate proud on his big day.

Wedding Speech Tips

  • Keep it (mostly) clean – even the palest blue jokes won’t necessarily transcend the generations.
  • Remember to compliment the bride and her bridesmaids.
  • Make the happy couple the focus of the speech and don’t use it as a platform to embarrass the groom.
  • Thank all the major players involved in making it such a special day.

But the biggest question on everyone’s lips is, how long will the speech actually last? The best man may be the kind of guy who relishes the floor and will have to be separated from the microphone after half an hour, or is he the shy type, all red face and sweaty palms, willing it to be over?

Sounds like it’s time to place a bet, but don’t wait for the day itself, use Tedbets, the UK’s only platform where friends can bet on anything. ‘I bet John’s best man speech will go past half an hour and he’ll have to be asked to wrap it up,’ or ‘Steve won’t last more than 10 minutes before his nerves get the better of him.’

You can really place any bet you like, the choices are endless, and make even the most bland wedding a little more fun. Tedbets CEO Scott Burton said: “Perhaps one of the reasons that bets work so well for wedding days, is that it’s a natural, social thing to do amongst friends, and it helps spur individuals on to prove they can achieve something. Being the UK’s only betting platform where friends can bet each other on anything, we’ve seen ourselves that people are both inspired to bet on things, and also prove themselves right.”

To find out more, and to start Tedbetting, visit

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