Wedding Speeches: What to Say

Speech time! It can be a very scary thought for anyone and the biggest fear can often be not knowing what to say or who to thank. Here are some pointers for the wedding speeches, pick the point relevant to your day.

Father of the Bride

  • Make it clear you are speaking on behalf of the bride’s mother during your speech.
  • Welcome the guests and thank them for attending the marriage of your daughter to her new husband.
  • Offer thanks to anyone who contributed & helped the couple.
  • Comment on the occasion and how happy couple look
  • Thank the priest/Officiant for a wonderful service.
  • Talk about your role as Father of the Bride, how proud you were to give your daughter away, getting the speech ready etc.
  • Speak about your daughter, how lovely she looks, how proud of her you are, some light-hearted stories (nothing too embarrassing), her character, childhood and accomplishments.
  • Tell the story of the first time you met the groom, what you’ve observed about them as a couple.
  • Welcome the groom into the family and say some positive things about him and his characteristics. Nice time to make a little joke about the groom.
  • Say how delighted you were to get to know his family.
  • Give some advice on marriage from your experiences. Keep it light hearted.
  • Toast the bride and groom to finish.

Father of the Groom

  • The father of the groom speech is usually a shorter speech than the father of the bride.
  • Thank the Father of the Bride for his kind words.
  • Say a few words about your son and how you knew he was in love.
  • Welcome your new daughter-in-law into the family and talk about the time you first met her.
  • Toast the bride and groom.

The Groom

  • If feeling brave you can always sing your speech like Tom Fletcher from McFly!!!
  • Thank Father of the Bride & Groom for their kind comments.
  • Thank guests, both families for their support, the priest for the wedding ceremony.
  • Toast to the bridesmaids and thank them for a job well done.
  • Comment on the wedding day– how wonderful the day has been and how happy it makes you.
  • Talk about your bride – how beautiful she looks and how wonderful she is, your first impressions, when you knew she was the one for you, a funny insight into your relationship, your thoughts on your future together. Make sure to address her with a personal message.
  • The In-Laws – if you asked for permission, tell the story. Thank them for their support & for raising such a wonderful daughter. Assure them you will look after her and tell them how glad you are to be joining their family.
  • Thank your parents for their love and support throughout your life.
  • Thank the groomsmen for a job well done.
  • The best man, thank him for being there for you and doing all his duties so well, talk about your friendship, get in a comment before he makes his speech.
  • Present bouquets to mothers
  • Finish by thanking your friends, that you are looking forward to the future, everyone should enjoy the evening and then hand over to best man.

The Best Man

  • The best man’s speech is the most light-hearted and humorous of the speeches.
  • Introduce yourself and talk about your relationship with the groom
  • Make some observations about the wedding, the honour of being best man, preparing your speech and your duties.
  • Talk about the groom with some funny stories, light hearted ribbing, and reminisce about your friendship/childhood, your reaction to him getting married, funny stories about couples romance, end with kind words about the groom and what your relationship means to you.
  • Compliment the wedding – beautiful bride, bridesmaids (how they look and their help), ceremony, venue, food etc
  • Talk about the bride – all her efforts for the wedding, how happy she makes your friend, grooms good fortune in marrying her.
  • Talk about the couple – how they are as a couple & how good they are for each other.
  • Close with some advice & tell everyone to enjoy the evening of dancing and fun.
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