How to Write Some Killer Wedding Vows

How to Write Some Killer Wedding Vows

We all have good intentions when we begin a new task. And a lot like redecorating a room or deciding to re-do your own roots, wedding vows seem like an AMAZING idea. Until you actually make that first attempt.

Then it turns into a living nightmare! No, you’re not the first person to assume that you’re love is so unique that it could transcend all other vows created before it.

To save you from stealing the monologue of Notting Hill, here are some top tips to coming up with your own vows.

Know your Audience

You might think adding the word YOLO into your vows is genius but we’d bet good money that Aunty Eileen won’t have a notion as to what you’re on about. Instead, as you are writing, put your mind in the guest’s who will be listening to your speech and think about how they will hear it.

Use Clichés… If You Have To

Is he ‘your best friend’? We bet you’re ‘the luckiest girl in the world’ too? While this may be true to how you feel, it will bore the life out of your guests. Sometimes clichés are there for a reason and can help you get started in where you want to finish up with your vows. Just don’t make it sound like you’ve been forced to watch endless amounts of soppy romantic movies in one sitting.

Get Some Feedback From Someone Who Has Experience

Got a friend who is constantly making public speeches? Maybe you know someone who has written some amazing vows. Either way, get someone you trust to shed some light and give your feedback. You never know, they may see something you’ve missed.

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