Yay! Now Throw Things At Us!

This whole “Yippee! We’re married! Now throw things at us!” tradition of confetti and rice chucking has never made a huge amount of sense to me, but a lot of wedding traditions are a little strange when you stop to think about them. The throwing of confetti is actually meant to bestow prosperity and fertility on the newly wed couple – a connection that’s less than obvious in modern times.

Assuming cash and babies sound good to you, rice is apparently out these days (it’s bad for the birds who eat it), and traditional confetti is frowned upon (it’s environmentally unfriendly) so it’s time to come up with some creative options you’d actually want to be showered with.

Top choices: rose petals are romantic and beautiful; birdseed is inexpensive to buy in bulk and feeds our feathered friends; and lavender is an unusual and fragrant way to make your way up the aisle.

You can make or buy simple cones in a variety of papers and tie them to the aisle seats to provide your posh replacement confetti to your guests:

Alternatively, you can buy fluted bonbonniere boxes and fill them with the sprinkles of your choice:

These tied rounds are easy to make yourself with some inexpensive muslin, a pair of pinking shears and lengths of ribbon in the colour of your choice:

Finally, if you just want to buy something off the shelf, bubbles are a fun and beautiful way to sprinkle the bride and groom, and if your photographer is any good, look amazing in photos. A whole range of bridal bubbles are available online in Ireland from Lantz, but you can also use any kind of bubbles and even wrap them with your own custom labels.

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