8 Things You Need to Know Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days in your life and one that both you and your guests will remember forever. There are lots of things to do on your wedding day but as long as you are organized, you will find that everything comes together well. We’ve compiled a list of things you should know before your wedding day that will hopefully help you have a perfect ceremony. 

1. Have a Pair of Backup Shoes

If you are not a frequent heel-wearer, coming with an additional set of shoes to the reception is a great idea. Many brides choose to have heels for the ceremony and flats for the reception so that they can dance the night away and not have to worry about sore feet. A great gift for your bridesmaids could also be matching flats that they can wear throughout the night as well. Use these helpful tips to pick the right pair of shoes for your wedding.

2. Hair and Makeup Trials Are a Must

You have enough to do on your wedding day without having to worry about doing your own hair and makeup, so hiring a professional is a great way to go. However, trials are important to make sure you get the look that you want. A famous wedding blog Brides.com advises in this article about hair and makeup trials why it’s better to book an appointment a month or two before the wedding when you have already decided on the dress. Bring reference photos to your hair and makeup appointments. Afterward, take photos from every angle (or have someone do that for you) and judge whether or not you really like the style.

3. Make Arrangements Beforehand

Book your ride at least 4 months before the event to make sure the right car is available. If you are planning a summer wedding, make arrangements even earlier. Maurice, the booking coordinator at Houston limo service Advantage Limos, advises: “When setting a pickup time for your car, take into account, that you need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the event and leave some extra time for possible traffic if you celebrate in a busy neighborhood.”

4. Create a Wedding Day Survival Kit 

This can be something that you and your bridesmaids can use if needed. A small kit that you can keep in your limo could consist of things like deodorant, a lint roller, mints, aspirin, bandaids, bobby pins, safety pins, feminine hygiene products, lipstick, Q-Tips, tissues, and a stain remover. Here you can find a full list of essentials. Some websites even sell prepackaged emergency kits that would make a great part of a bridesmaids gift. 

5. Practice Holding Your Bouquet in front of a Mirror

Sometimes brides carry a lot of tension on their wedding day and this can cause their shoulders to tense up. This causes some brides to lift their bouquets higher, closer to their face instead of in a relaxed fashion. Get a feel for the weight of your bouquet before you head out for the day. Look in the mirror as you hold it and relax your shoulders. Your hands should fall just below your waist. If you find you are tense throughout the day, lift your shoulders as high as they can go and then drop them, remaining in the dropped position. This will help ease the tension and give you a more relaxed posture.

6. Consider Outmess Meals for Your Staff

To ensure your wedding day is perfect, create comfortable conditions not only for your guests but also for the team of professionals that helps you organize the whole event. My friend Natalia, who is an experienced caterer at Terrace Cafe, shares: “Outmess meals are dishes served for your photographer, DJ, wedding planner and so on. Some of your suppliers may even require outmess in their contract. It’s also a common practice for a venue to charge for outmess meals for their staff. So it’s definitely something to consider when planning wedding expenses.” 

7. Choose Your Wedding Party Wisely

You want to choose people who will be able to deal with the commitment of a wedding and this doesn‘t mean just showing up for the wedding day. There is the wedding rehearsal, some couples do buck and does to raise money, any DIY projects you may need help with and much more. If you have someone in your life that you hold close to you but they have a flare for the dramatic or maybe get out of control while drinking, it is better to pick someone else than having your day ruined. Check out this post for additional advice from a clinical psychologist on how to cope with a wedding day stress and save good relationships with friends and family.

8. Take It Easy if Something Goes Wrong

It is a tough truth to face, but something will go wrong on your wedding day. Whether someone gets in a minor car accident or your maid of honor spills wine on her dress, anything can happen. You can’t live your life worrying about the unknown though, you simply have to roll with it. You will have a great group of support with you on your wedding day, and they will be there for you to lean on if needed.


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