Creative Ways To Propose

We can all think of typical ways of asking our lovely girlfriends to marry us. The man gets down on one knee and gets out a box with an engagement ring, before asking her to spend the rest of her life by his side. How can you be different? How can you show your loved one that you’re different – the one that he/she wants to spend the rest of their lives with? Simple. Be creative! Get the clockworks in that head of yours whirring around! Or if that proves too much, take a look at our favourite creative top 5 ways to propose below!

1. Plan a treasure hunt with the clues leading her to a note that asks her to marry you.

2. Make her guess:, give her a giant box, wrapped up. Have smaller boxes within each big box, so she has to unwrap multiple boxes before getting to the small box that contains the ring.

3.  Hire a friend to take photos of you both just for fun. Then, surprise her by getting down on one knee and proposing. You’ll have photos you’ll both cherish forever.

4. Write a note asking your other to marry you. Then place it inside a bottle. Take your loved one to the beach and when he/she is in the water, slip the bottle in and ask them to open it to see what it says.

5. Write her/him a story about your relationship. Almost like a diary with dates if possible. Then end it with the date you are going to give it to him/her telling how you proposed and that the story can’t be ended until you have the answer.

By using your creativity and by careful planning, you will ensure everything runs smoothly and hopefully you get the answer you want to hear!

This blog post was written by Laura, a Transition Year student from Villiars Secondary School in Limerick, who came and spent a day with us here in the WeddingDates HQ! We hope she enjoyed spending the day here just as much as we enjoyed having her!

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