16 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up A True Irish Wedding

Is your wedding really even Irish if it doesn’t feature one of these?

We have a huge grá for all those little quirks and traditions that make a wedding truly Irish, and our Real Wedding submissions are bursting with them! For the week that’s in it, we decided to trawl back through our archives and share some of our favourite shots showcasing our little country at its best.

The Irish Coastline

There isn’t another country in the world that could bate that backdrop.

When GAA Rivalry Is Alive & Well

It wouldn’t be an Irish wedding without warring counties and some friendly banter.

Circus PhotographySean Clarke Photography

A Hurley Guard Of Honor

Pretty much mandatory in GAA country.

Michelle BG Photography

Mon’ The Lads

Boys will be boys – and Irish groomsmen win the prize for the most laid-back bunch.

Paul Duane Photography

An Irish Church

They have a charm all of their own.

Mrs Redhead Photography

Being Prepared For The Weather

Well, it is Ireland after all!

Mrs Redhead Photography

A Stroll Through The Local Town

To show everyone who isn’t invited to your wedding that you are the ultimate boss, and they will never be able to compete with the sheer epicness of your big day.

Emma Jervis PhotographyRoss Costigan Photography

A Pitstop In The Pub

A mandatory factor to schedule into your wedding day timeline – both on the way to AND from the church.

Aspect Photography

Penny Sweets

They say the candy cart is going out of fashion… Not around here, thank you very much.

Sean Clarke Photography

Enjoying A Sneaky Pint On Board Your Wedding Transport

Someone’s gotta get the party started…

Dermot Sullivan Photography

A Session In The Dance Hall To Round Off The Evening

The day wouldn’t be complete without a jig on the dance floor to The Galway Girl.

Photo MV

Image Credits: 1 + 2) Mrs Redhead Photography; 3) Circus Photography; 4) Sean Clarke Photography; 5) Michelle BG Photography; 6) Paul Duane Photography; 7, 8 + 9) Mrs Redhead Photography;10) Emma Jervis Photography; 11) Ross Costigan Photography; 12) Finn Mooney Photography; 13) Aspect Photography; 14) Sean Clarke Photography; 15) Dermot Sullivan Photography; 16) PhotoMV.

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