Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

Today’s modern brides are choosing different-coloured dresses to make a unique statement on their special day.

Why be tied down by tradition or expectation? There are so many colours that will fit your personality, rather than white, which will probably mean you have a better chance of wearing it again.  So let’s explore the different options and Say yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress.

White and Ivory Wedding Dresses

Queen Victoria popularised the white wedding dress, which has since become a symbol of purity and innocence. This classic choice continues to dominate the wedding shops and church aisles to this day. A white gown is the best option for brides who want to continue honouring this old tradition.

You can also choose ivory, a popular alternative that offers softer and warmer shades. Ivory symbolises the same purity and innocence as white but adds a touch of warmth. It’s a great alternative for when white doesn’t suit various skin tones and offers a vintage, romantic look. It’s a favourite for brides who want a classic yet slightly different look.

Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

Silver Threads

Silver is modern, glamorous, and sophisticated. It’s a sleek and stylish alternative to white. Silver wedding dresses are often seen as contemporary and chic, so if metallic is your style, pick this colour for your gown. Silver is perfect for day or evening weddings or those wanting a subtle hint of sparkle without going too bold.

Lady in Red 

In many cultures, red symbolises celebration, luck, and prosperity. It’s a bold choice that reflects passion, love, and strength that couples share towards each other. Brides who choose red are often seen as confident and fearless, embracing their unique style and cultural heritage. This colour is particularly significant in Chinese and Indian weddings, representing joy, auspiciousness, or a promising future! 

Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

Fields of Gold 

Like silver, choosing gold brings a bit of Hollywood to the proceedings. Gold symbolises wealth, prosperity, and grandeur, along with glamour and sophistication. It’s a luxurious and opulent colour that conveys a sense of extravagance and celebration. Brides who choose gold wedding dresses are often seen as bold and glamorous. This colour is perfect for lavish weddings and gives a touch of sparkle to your special day.

Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

In the Pink

Pink represents romance, charm and sweetness. It is another versatile colour that ranges from delicate blush tones to vibrant fuchsias. Pink wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want a romantic, feminine look. They symbolise love and affection, making them a lovely choice for a fairytale wedding dress.

Blue Skies 

Blue symbolises tranquillity, loyalty, and faithfulness. It’s a serene and calming colour ranging from pale sky blue to deep navy. Brides who choose blue are often seen as trustworthy, stable, and composed. Blue wedding dresses can evoke a sense of calm and peacefulness, making them ideal for beach weddings or outdoor ceremonies.

Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

Black is the colour

The ultimate unconventional wedding dress colour, the black wedding dress, is embraced by the modern bride who wants to make a bold and dramatic statement, completely opposite to the Puritan white of the Victorian era. Black is often associated with death and the supernatural, which is not necessarily what you are thinking of on your wedding day. However, It also symbolises strength, elegance, sophistication, and mystery. By wearing it, you will convey confidence and fearlessness. If you dare, choose a black dress to make a special impact on your wedding day.

Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

Ever Green 

Green is the colour of nature, renewal, and growth. It symbolises harmony, fertility, and balance. Brides who opt for green wedding dresses often want to convey a sense of freshness and life. This colour is perfect for brides promoting sustainability or those having garden or woodland weddings. From mint green to emerald, green wedding dresses offer a unique and refreshing alternative to traditional colours. 

Purple Reign

Purple has long been associated with royalty, luxury, and sophistication. It symbolises creativity, mystery, and magic. It’s a the colour of creativity and perfect if you are imaginative and elegant. Whether you opt for a soft lavender or a rich plum, purple adds regal elegance to your wedding day.

Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

Mellow Yellow

Yellow symbolises happiness, optimism, and energy. It is a bright, cheerful colour ranging from soft pastels to vibrant sunflower tones. Brides who choose yellow are often seen as joyful and full of life. This colour is perfect for summer weddings or those wanting to add a touch of sunshine to their special day.

Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

Orange Crush

Orange is a colour that reflects enthusiasm, creativity, and warmth. It’s a bold and vibrant choice that won’t suit every skin tone but will add excitement and uniqueness to your wedding. Adventurous and spirited brides could opt for this colour, which is ideal for an autumn wedding palette or for those wanting to make a striking statement.

If you missed it, read how to incorporate Orange’s baby sister, Peach Fuzz, into your wedding theme. It is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024.

Say Yes to all the colours for your Wedding Dress

Multicoloured Wedding Dresses

Still undecided. For brides who can’t choose just one colour, multicoloured wedding dresses offer a creative and playful alternative. These dresses can incorporate a rainbow of shades, symbolising diversity, joy, and celebration. Brides who choose multicoloured dresses are often seen as fun-loving and unconventional, ready to embrace a wedding that’s as unique as they are.


Whether you opt for the classic white, the passionate allure of red, or the serene beauty of blue, your choice of colour will make your wedding day truly unforgettable. If you are looking for more wedding inspiration, check out our search pages for more ideas on venues and suppliers!

Medhavi Upadhyaya
WeddingDates Contributors
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