Top Skin Tips for Brides to be

Everyone has a ‘skin story’, with the skin is the human body’s largest organ, for some people it can also be the most troublesome. From teenage acne to fine lines in your middle ages, the condition of your skin can have an impact on your self-esteem and confidence. On your wedding day, with all eyes on you, the pressure to have smooth, glowing skin can add stress to any bride to be.

NeoStrata Skincare have a range of products which will help you to achieve a vibrant and flawless complexion just in time for your big day!

Top Skin Tips from Neostrata

Deirdre Kenneally of NeoStrata Skincare gives her advice on skin preparation for brides to be – “Preparing skin for a wedding or special event in your life should begin at least 6 to 8 months prior to the event. Trying lots of different lotions and potions closer to your day can play havoc with your skin, not to mention weakening the barrier function of your skin which leaves you open to potential reactions and sensitivity .Most brides are looking to enhance their natural features for their big day and therefore having clear fresh, bright looking skin is a goal for most.”

US brand NeoStrata has been developed by leading dermatologists to make sure that your skincare regime whether for hands, face or body needn’t be a concern anymore! NeoStrata cosmetics are medically driven and clinically trialled with astounding results.

Top Skin Tips for brides to be

Try it at home

Glycolic peels, whether that be from a Dermatologist, beauty therapist or home use peels are a very good place to start.  Glycolics help to slough away dead skin cells, even out pigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give the skin a brighter more natural appearance. They are also a very important ingredient to help with oily/ance prone patients. A course of 4-6 peels will generally help to achieve results, along with use of home product they can really give visible results.

The NeoStrata Glycolic Home Peel is a must have beauty product to get the skin looking fresh and healthy while improving skin condition and tone. The Glycolic treatment peel includes 4 intensive anti ageing peel treatments to reveal a fresher, brighter complexion. With AHA and glycolic acid for exceptional results on fine lines, blemishes and out of condition skin the Glycolic home peel will have you glowing for the right reasons on your big day while looking utterly fabulous.

*All Glycolic products should be used with an SPF daily to prevent future sun damage.

Top Skin Tips from Neostrata

Shine Bright

Irish ladies are always first in line when it comes to products that will give us that bright and beautiful skin we all long for, with many of us suffering from Hyperpigmentation and dull skin (lets blame the lack of sun!)  The Enlighen fights against pigmentation and promotes brighter skin. The NeoStrata Enlighten Trio three step system includes:

An Ultra Brightening Cleanser  which gently exfoliates to reduce hyper-pigmentation. Next, the Illuminating Serum targets dark spots to break up existing pigmentation and prevent future discoloration. Finally, the Pigment Controller lightens uneven pigmentation and encourages cell renewal for a fresh complexion. Each product in this three-step system contains NeoGlucosamine, a non-acid amino sugar that prevents melanin formation and encourages cell renewal!

Firm it

With all the focus on the face, we often neglect the neck area and décolleté. Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream is a special anti-aging cream designed specifically for the delicate neck area and décolleté. The strong firming and exfoliating action helps to improve all the signs of premature aging. Based on three components, this cream tightens, increases volume and addresses sagging skin in the neck area. Pre-peptides stimulate the production rate of collagen in the deeper layers of skin, NeoCitriate (4% Triethyl Citriate) helps to produce new collagen and NeoGlucosamine (8%) helps to create a supportive skin structure and reduces discoloration and age spots in the neck. The strong effect of this cream is further reinforced by the Apple Stem Cell Extract which helps to maintain cells and gives the skin a younger, tighter appearance. With a delightful creamy texture that is instantly absorbed, creating a powerful invisible mesh support to restore and maintain the shape of the neck.

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